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Meet And Greets
Or: Getting To Know Us
    We so enjoy what we do. The research into the history, the learning new equipment, the time spent together as a team, the investigations into old and new locations, and meeting new people. They all help form what we do as a team of paranormal investigators. Sometimes we meet new people "on location" of an investigation, such as when we join with other teams at a location. Sometimes we meet new people when we drop by a location and start chatting with someone that is there. It doesn't matter how you make new friends, just that you do.
     One such way is through a Meet N Greet. During these events, we sit up a table, load it with equipment that we use, maybe display past investigations on the laptop, and wait for people to drop by to visit with us.
     There are a couple of reasons to do these. The first is to introduce ourselves to the area. Maybe this is a new town or area for us, or one we have not been able to investigate much. If we are out where people can see us, they will start putting faces to the team name, and that is always nice. The more we can make our presence known, the increased chance of getting a call to help others. And that is something we really like to do.
     The other reason is one that we truly like. When we do these, people who come up are often interested in the paranormal, and that always leads to stories that they tell us. And often during these conversations, we find out new locations that have a history of paranormal activity. And sometimes this leads to new investigations. Another thing that we really like to do.
     So on these pages we will highlight these events. Some photos, maybe some stories, some new history, and some new friends. Does it get any better than that!
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