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Meadowbrook Manor

       Marceline, Missouri      


     It started as a memorial to his father Benjamin B. Putman. The original structure was constructed in 1923 by a Marceline Contractor for Ola Putman, and consisted of 10 beds. The name given to the building was the B. B. Putman Memorial Hospital. Dr. Putman had served the Marceline community for 47 years as a surgeon and physician.
     Being a physician continued as George Benjamin Putman, son of Ola Putman, served the Marceline area. This tradition ended in 1942 when Dr. Putman was hurt in an auto accident while driving to attend an expectant mother. Even though two local physicians continued to operate the facility, it closed on May 1, 1942.
     1946 saw the sale of the building to Elizabeth Robertson and Mary Guthrie for $20,000. They in turn donated the property to the Sisters of Saint Francis, in memory of their brothers, and the facility was reopened in August of 1946, after remodeling and repair. The building was renamed St. Francis Hospital, and opened as a 13 bed facility. And the first delivery of a baby at the hospital occured before they were truly opened, on June 29, 1946!
     An additional renovation phase started, adding a three story addition to the structure. Completed in 1952, the new facility cared for the needs of the area, and even some from outside the state. 1957 saw the addition of a fire alarm and sprinkler system, as well as a back up emergency unit for power. 1959 saw the entire building being equipped with air conditioning.
     As the needs of the community grew, plans were made for a larger facility. Due to the grants obtained, St. Francis Hospital opened in 1964, while this building had a new name and cared for the elderly and chronically ill, and became known as a nursing home. In 1971 Hillhaven Corporation was in charge of the building, and at the time was the second largest nursing home care operator in the state of Missouri. Some time prior to 1985, Chastains owned the facility. August 1992 finds Hillhaven subleased by Meadowbrook Manor, a corporation which acquired 20 facilities in Missouri and 9 facilities in Kansas, the actual owners being Health Care Investors in Los Angeles.
    OK, so why so much about this building? Because of the unknowns that surround this facility, which served the community for almost 70 years. In August 1994, the building was suddenly closed. Employees were given 30 days severance pay, and residents were relocated. Hopes were that the building would be reopened within a year, but that never happened. When you look around, you can see the sudden departure from the building. Beds and chairs remain, curtains on the windows, and personal belongings still remain inside the walls. No reason for the closure can be found, so we can only guess to the reasons. People have reported hearing voices and seeing shadows remaining inside this structure. Could the residents and staff still be waiting for the place to reopen? It was to this location that Il-Mo Entity Trackers went one night, accompanied by our friends from Destination Unknown. We hoped to be able to find out why things were left behind, and who still remains. 


The kitchen, located in the basement.
Trinity from Destination Unknown prepares
to investigate with Teri from Il-Mo Entity Trackers

Part of the back wall, which is now caving in with the passage of time, falling onto the belongings left in the building
More of the belongings which are scattered around in the building.


The beauty parlor was also located in the basement. Here a chair sits waiting for the next customer.
The bed and chair sit, ready for the next resident which wants to live in this building. Teri did pick up on some strange sensations in this area. 





           In the office, on the first floor   






Could this be calling the name of our of our team? It frequently happens.





The dumb waiter, used to moved supplies, and probably food, between the basement and the other floors.


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