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Quincy, Illinois
     A visit to Quincy Illinois would not be complete without a stop at Woodland Cemetery. Considered one of the prettiest cemeteries in the midwest, this cemetery has a history that dates back to the 1840's. And inside this cemetery, you will find the Mausoleum. Constructed from marble, and featuring stain glass windows and stain glass above the doors, this building holds the remains of some of the prominent leaders of Quincy, as well as many beloved family members.

      Records are sketchy regarding the actual construction of the building. We have found that the area was the site of a hospital during the Civil War., but most hospitals were noted by a number instead of a name, for follow up is not easy. If walls could talk, this building, situated high on a hill overlooking the entire cemetery, could tell some amazing tales. And maybe shed some light on the reports that have come from this building over the years.
     Marble covers the walls, and carpet runners are down all the aisles. So what accounts for the sounds of footsteps on the floor? Is this remnants of the soldiers walking the hospital grounds? Voices are frequently heard, and one section causes a lot of discomfort to those that enter that area. Shadow figures have been seen peeking around the corner, the sounds of the gates have been heard rattling in its frame. And one of our investigators seems to get her name called frequently during investigations.  One group had a ball disappear, to reappear several weeks later while they were back in the building, dropping in front of their eyes. And children have been heard, but not by the name of Pearl Lycan. The tale of a child dying and the parents leaving her here are just that, a tale. Pearl Lycan is buried here, but was, in fact an old man when he died. So who are the children. 
     Il-Mo Entity Trackers hoped to be able to answer some questions when we ventured into this historic building on this night. Please join us and review our photos and evidence, and see what came out to play.               
The center of the entry way. Chairs are set so you can relax and enjoy the sounds of the building.
Outside the building. These are alcoves for short aisles.
This lady used to sit in the left corner of the entry way.
But someone broke the statue and the beauty was destroyed.
Teri discusses the history of the building during the walk-thru.
These gates are usually locked.This night they were unlocked.
The sound of these gates rattling have been heard.
One of the alcoves. This area has been known to give people who
venture down the aisle a very creepy feeling.
Teri waits for the rest of the team to arrive.
The aisles are carpeted from end to end. So how does the sound of
boots and walking happen?
In the next two clips, there were only adults in the building.




No one was in the building when the above were captured.
Because of this, we went back in to do some recordings.
The following is the sound of the Mausoleum doors being shut.


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