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Woodland Mausoleum

Quincy, Illinois


     There are some places that, as an investigator in the world of the Paranormal, just draw you back time and time again. Maybe it is the things that you just can't explain. Maybe it is hearing your name called time and time again, and not by team mates. Maybe it is trying to disprove previously captured evidence. Or maybe it is just the solitude that can be noticed in a place. Whatever the reason, our team is drawn to this place of rest and activity. We have investigated this location many times, but for the first time did a daytime investigation. Do spirits only make their presence known in the night? We don't think so, as do many investigators, and wanted to do something slightly different on this investigation. We were successful? Stay tuned to learn that answer!

The curved outside structure is reflected inside the building as well.
Jackie and Andy view the names on the stones.
One of the stories associated
with this building is the story of the young girl left behind when her parents could not handle dealing with her death. As we can see, Pearl was not left alone, and in fact died after a full life. And Pearl was a man, not a little girl.
Coins and jacks are left
behind, to try to entice
the spirits of the children
to come out and play.
Teri discusses the history of the building with other team members. We know she is making a point here!
Teri and Andy explore the building.
Jackie, Andy, and Teri in an area of the building that many feel a sense of discomfort.
Our own trigger object, our purple bunny rabbit. He has attended several functions and will continue to be used to try to reach the children that inhabit many locations.
 This was captured early in the investigation.
This was also captured early in the investigation.
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