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Woodland Mausoleum
Quincy, Illinois
    For some teams, there are those places which continue to draw them back, no matter how many investigations they have conducted in that location. One of those places, for our team, is the Woodland Mausoleum, located inside the grounds of Woodland Cemetery. The history is so rich, and mysterious, as we are still trying to find information regarding its use during the Civil War. Some day, maybe the allure of this location will dim, but we are thinking not any time soon.
     For this night, we selected this location to host a couple of friends, who really wanted to be a part of a paranormal investigation. We are always willing to share what we know, so we packed up some of our gear and headed out to this marble wonder, where so many people now rest in eternal slumber.
     We held multiple EVP sessions in the building. Shadow movement was noted on the back north wall, and we saw them break the grid light,  but was unfortunately too far away for our video cameras to capture. We heard audible voices while in the back hallway, but when we were quiet, so were they. It was like we were playing hide-and-seek all night long!
     The night was a warm one, in the 90's, and a lot of sounds could be heard. But it seems the building was always one step ahead of us. What did we find? Why not join us, along with our guests Jess and Shawna, and see what the night had in store for these investigator hopefuls.
The "scary hall" where people frequently have strange feelings.
Our guest investigators have a look around the building.
A close view of the marble inside the building.
Audio Files:
Is this a response to the question?
She has been here a lot of times. Maybe they recognize her?
Were we too close?
The front lobby area. From here you can listen to the building talk from all directions.
Another possible answer. Listen closely for this one.
The constant talking is our team. But listen to what
there is over the louder voice.
The Mausoleum never disappoints us, and it didn't this night either. 
We enjoyed introducing these ladies to our world, and would
enjoy having them along for another investigation one day!
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