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Mason House Inn

Bentonsport, Iowa

    It was about as far removed from what they had dreamed. Chuck and Joy Hanson came to Iowa to buy a farm, to retire and enjoy a slower paced life. What they found was a 100-year old home full of charm, and history, and ghosts.
     They first saw the home on the same pages as the farms. They drove to look it over, never figuring to buy, but buy they did, including all the furnishings. So in 2001 they added their own belongings and moved in, ready to enjoy life. And never imagined how crowded their home was.
     The building was originally built in 1846 by Mormon Craftsmen, and was called the Ashland House. Lewis and Nancy Mason purchased the house and changed the name to The Phoenix House, but it was always called the Mason House. Down through the years it has served many purposes: hospital, TB sanitarium, a boarding house, and a doctor's office. A building, which has since been torn down, was a holding place for the Underground Railroad. It has been a Museum and and a Bed and Breakfast, a tradition which the Hanson's have continued.
     To say that they were surprised goes is an understatement. But Chuck and Joy have come to embrace the entities which still call this building home. And they have no intentions of leaving any time soon, neither the living nor the dead. 
     It was to this location that Il-Mo Entity Trackers traveled, to do a joint investigation with F.E.A.R. Paranormal as well as Bridgeton Afterlife Paranormal Society. Working with both of these teams was a great experience, and we hope to be able to come together for another investigation in the future.
     So join us now as we step through the building where many ghosts reside, and you can never be surprised at what you might find.
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 Chuck and Joy Hanson
The bedroom that was occupied by a physician. Part of his equipment remains on a shelf in the room.
Jane, member of Bridgeton Afterlife Paranormal Society
Justin, member of FEAR Paranormal films during the investigation
The reports were that the children liked to play in the house, and that  powder left on the floor would produce marks.
We placed baby powder on the floor at night.
This is what we found in the morning.
This is another view of the marks left in the baby powder.
No children were in the house the night of the 
The team was downstairs taking a break. This was heard.
The team was upstairs. No animals were present that night.

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