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Macon, Missouri

     Social media has become such a part of our everyday lives. We can connect with family that lives thousands of miles away, chat with someone in a different country, and sometimes renew friendships in our own back yard. Such was the case with this investigation, which started on Facebook.
      The owner of this house had worked with one of our team members, and had spoken about her paranormal experiences. The meeting was due to a video the homeowner posted, of something that she could not explain. She said she hears voices in the house, their dog growls at unseen things, she has seen full body apparitions on the deck, shadows in the basement, hears the sounds of smashing glass, feels the touch of someone not present. All these were creating a disconcerting environment for the homeowner. A few emails later, and the investigation date was set. We never suspected what this investigation would show.
     Research on this property showed that the land was once a parcel belonging to the county, and listed as the county Poor Farm. As most Poor Farms, the building was converted into a nursing home and operated as such until the 1970's when the new county nursing home was constructed. The building and land were sold to developers, to be used as a new housing development. The building was destroyed to make room for the new houses being built. The homeowner's residence was built in the mid-1970's.
     This page will be a bit different than some of the others, as we will be presenting the video that started the entire investigation, as well as some audio. We think you will be impressed at this evidence, we know we were.
     Note: Often what we capture we have trouble getting it to relate to the evidence as we know it. During the reveal, every piece of audio that we played for the homeowner had meaning to her. We will note this in the appropriate section. This made this a very exciting reveal for our team, as it definitely gave new perspective to the evidence captured. And it allowed the homeowner to believe what her family had been hearing and seeing, and that it was not just in their minds.
Update:  We often touch base with past clients to see how things have progressed since we concluded the investigation. The homeowner states that one day she was sitting at the kitchen table, her husband was asleep upstairs at the time, and heard a loud crash in the basement. She doesn't like the basement, but reluctantly ventured down there to see what was happening. She found a clock had fallen off the wall and knocked over a fan, unplugging it. She rehung the clock and tried to get it to fall off again, but was unable to do so. The clock required being lifted off the holder to fall down. When her husband went downstairs, he tried to plug the fan back in and found that the fan was not running correctly. Could the spirit that lives in the house be protecting this family from harm? We do not know for sure, but it seems that way. We will be staying in touch with this family to see how things progress, and we will update you with any information we learn.

This is the video which the homeowner took. We tried to reproduce this same look, but were not able to do so.
The is a combined clip of several recordings made by the homeowner. They were alone at the time, and was sitting in a chair, thus not moving around. We have played these several times for the homeowner and the sounds are not made by the homeowner. There is a slight break between clips, otherwise no alterations have been done to the sounds.
EVP Recordings:
In the basement

This is the direction the client was looking when the video to the left was captured with her camera.

 The homeowner has these glasses sitting in her kitchen and states they are frequently moved so the letters are not aligned. We were not able to get this to happen the night of the investigation.

These were In the living room, team in the basement
 In the computer room, team in the bedroom
The homeowner has had this candy dish go off by itself. It does have a motion sensor. We had been sitting in the living room for a while, trying to activate the sensor. The keys dropping did activate it, but moving the camera around didn't, until this last time. Paranormal? Not sure, but interesting.
In the master bedroom, the ceiling fan was on, so we turned it off to be able to hear on our recorders (note the sound of the string being pulled.) We exited the room, and did not go back in there (we have the DVR camera from the hallway to show this.) We went to the kitchen to check on our equipment. Check out what happens next in the video to the right.
Ovilus Recordings:


These were all captured in the living room.
All of these recordings has specific meaning to the homeowner. The months stated were the birth months of family members. The family settled here from England. The craft of tatting is common in England, and you use a shuttle to create the lacework. 
The American Indian settled in this area and many Indian artifacts are found in this part of the county. 

Both of these were captured in the basement.
The homeowner's brother lived with them for a time and stayed in the basement. The homeowner's husband  frequently sees shadows in this area, and at one time had his shoulder grabbed while closing a window.
This part of the state saw many battles during the Civil War.  Could these responses be related?

We had entered the guest bedroom. One investigator sat in the hallway, between the two rooms. Did the entities in the house just get too warm with the fan off? The homeowner stated she had never had the fan do this, and it is not controlled by a remote. We don't know, but it certainly got our attention.
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