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Macon, Missouri
March 2015
     In March 2015, we had the opportunity  to set up a table at Miners Hall in Macon, Missouri, and decided it would be the perfect chance to host a Meet N Greet. We displayed some of the equipment we use during an investigation, such as the K2 meter, voice recorders, and the Mel Meter. We had a slideshow playing which highlighted photos captured during past investigations, and some fun shots of the team. We also put together a CD, with some of our favorite EVPs captured during previous investigations. With headphones at the ready, we looked forward to meeting area people and sharing stories with them, as well as hearing what they had encountered in this area. Plus we launched the new team shirts and we think that they look really great.
     During the time that we were there, we had a couple of gentlemen stop by that knew a lot about the history of Macon and the surrounded areas, and they were more than happy to share some stories. They also provided us with some new places that we we not aware of.  We are excited to check into some of these places, do some research on the history of the locations, and than see if we will be allowed to investigate.
     After the Meet N Greet we headed out around town. Not being a native to Macon, we wanted to show Teri some of the places that we had been talking about. Still-Hildreth Sanatorium turned out to be a favorite. Teri's grandmother worked there when it was the sanatorium and she has pictures that date back to 1918! While they were walking around, both Teri and Shane said to each other "It feels like we have company."  Especially on the 2nd floor. There is so much history here, with the building previously being a barracks, a sanatorium, and now low-income and senior apartments. We are hoping to visit the museum when it opens this spring, and hopefully find more pictures of what this incredible building looked like back through the years.
     We also went past the Wardell Mansion, the old jail house, and the downtown theater. You just fall in love with some of these small towns and always a great day to hang out with team members and have some fun!
     Please enjoy the photos of our day, and we hope to see you soon at our next Meet N Great!
Still-Hildreth building, now used for low-income and senior housing.
Driving down towards the Still-Hildreth building
Teri, inside the Still-Hildreth building
Inside the Still-Hildreth building
Wardell Mansion, currently being redone
Iron Gate, surrounding the Wardell Mansion
Blees Annex, converted to Macon County Historical Society Museum
Old Cinema, converted to the Maples Repertory Theater
Old Jail House
Picture from Teri, time when Aunt worked at Still
"Hand In Hand Again"
Preformed by Midnight Syndicate
From the Album: "The 13th Hour"
Used with permission of Midnight Syndicate
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