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Lovers Leap
Hannibal, Missouri
    There is a house in.....wait! That is not the right legend. But this legend can be found in many locations where there are rock formations along a river. But this particular rock formation is right in our own back yard, in the river town of Hannibal. Driving in from Illinois across the bridge, if you look to the left, you can see the site of Lovers Leap. The climb up the steep hill getting to the location is well worth all that it takes to get there. And the view just can't be beat.
     There are many tales that surround Lovers Leap. Some say it is the tale of two young lovers who, because of being from different tribes, were never allowed to be together. When they were caught at this location, knowing that the brave was about to be killed, the Indian Princess joined her arms around her love and they both leaped from this site. Oh, the heartbreak! Some say it is because an Indian Princess was being forced to marry a warrior from another tribe, one she did not love, that she leaped from above to be saved from this marriage.
     And there is the tale, maybe less known, about this being the location of a gathering of people in 1844 who dressed in white robes and awaited the Second Coming Of Christ, only to be sadly disappointed.
     And there have been the occasional stories told from here that just doesn't have an answer. Cars which won't start when the driver is ready to leave. And that feeling of sadness which often comes over you as you stand and look out where the young lady/lovers/souls may have stood.
     No matter the story, whether true or not, Lovers Leap in Hannibal is definitely worth the time to see. And while you are there, and listen hard enough, maybe you can hear the songs of tears from long ago.

The view across into Illinois
Looking back towards Missouri as the sun is going down
The view of the Cliff, and the Mighty Mississippi River
A photo in stone of the two lovers, destined to be together forever
"Inn Of The Weeping Sparrows"
Preformed by Midnight Syndicate
From the CD: Monsters Of Legends, 2013
Used with permission of Midnight Syndicate
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