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Leaps Of Love
Auction To Benefit Research To Help Cure Childhood Cancer
A Villa Night Experience!
Quincy, Illinois

     Il-Mo Entity Trackers was pleased to be able to participate in this Blue Cross/Blue Shield auction, the aim to raise money for the treatment and research, and increasing awareness surrounding childhood cancer. Cancer claims so many lives each year. But not just adults suffer from this disease.
     It is estimated that in the United States alone, 11,630 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in children under the age of 15 in 2013. 1,310 children under the age of 15 are expected to die from cancer in 2013. Cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death in children. And the diagnosis of childhood cancer has been rising slightly over the last few decades. The leading form of childhood cancer is Leukemia.
     But everything isn't bleak. Statistics have shown that due to research and treatment, a child diagnosed with cancer has a greater than 80% chance of survival at the 5 year mark. In the 1970's, these same children would have had less than a 60% chance of meeting that 5 year mark. So there is hope. But only if people are willing to help. Research and treatment isn't cheap. Development and trials of new drugs and treatments take time and money to accomplish. Many of these drugs are considered investigative and often are either not covered by medical insurance, or contain an extremely high co-payment. But through donations, sometimes these expenses can be reduce to the family of a child suffering from a form of cancer.
     But fighting cancer isn't just about the medicine or treatments. It also includes the mental, emotional, and social well-being of the child, family, and friends.  Pediatric oncologists, pediatric surgeons, and pediatric oncology nurses are specially trained to deal with the needs of a child. Psychologists, social workers, child life specialists, nutritionists, rehabilitation and physical therapists, and educators are trained to support and care for the entire family. And spiritual workers, priests, pastors, and other forms of clergy who are ready to help with the religious aspects of care. It is definitely a team effort! And slowly the team is winning the fight. But it is not a fight that will be finished until no child dies from cancer.
     So Il-Mo Entity Trackers wants to thank our auction winners: Kari, Brian, Michelle, and Ashley for their donation to this cause. You are now a part of this great team! And to show our appreciation, we teamed with the Villa Kathrine to provide you a unique experience in the world of the paranormal. We were joined by Randy for the night, and to say that everyone had a great time would be an understatement. So please join us now as we step back to reveal our Leaps Of Love winners Villa Experience.
Statistics obtained from the American Cancer Society. You can do more research into this terrible disease by clicking this link. And when you are done, consider a way you can help with the fight against childhood cancer.   Childhood Cancer 
Thanks to those that attended this very special event.
Front: Randy
2nd row: Ashley, Michelle , Beth
3rd row: Kari, Brian
In George's old bedroom Brian and Kari check out the bridge. This figure represents the new Bayview Bridge over the Mississippi River. George could see the Mississippi River from his window in this room..
Ashley enjoys listening to the sounds of the Villa.
Teri sits in the entryway, while the guests explore this area.
Beth films while Brian and Kari await a sign from George. Did he like them holding hands in his room? Could be.
Ashley, Brian, Michelle, and Kari enjoy using some of the equipment that was available that night.
At the beginning of the night, the watch that Randy was wearing just fell off. He did not hit it against anything at the time, and being a heavy watch, we doubt it would have been broken for a length of time before falling off of his wrist. The team looked for the missing part, unsuccessfully. So he placed it in the fountain area, shown above. During an EVP session, the following was recorded. We thought it was pretty funny, considering.
This was a very interesting video that was captured during the night. We are not saying that it is paranormal in any fashion, but was an interesting thing to happen when in a group just learning about paranormal investigating. 
With the newer phones, we have not figured out the way they work, in relation to what we do. This is one reason we try to keep the use of cell phones to an absolute minimum. We know that some will set off our equipment. But this, we are still working on.
Audio: EVPs
We want to note that we have heard this same sound before, and from past experience, have learned to tag what we hear. And this clip was not tagged, so feel it did come from inside.
With this clip, listen beyond the sound of the spirit box. What we are presenting does not come from the box, but from above where we were sitting.
Audio: Spirit Box
Was someone trying to tell us something, or maybe reminding us of something?
several places on this clip to listen to
 One of the biggest mysteries is where Bingo was buried, and if he 
was, in fact, buried with a collar worth a lot of money.
But guess that mystery will remain, for a little while longer at least.
 Extracted from a video clip
Let us know what you hear
Extracted from a video clip
Let us know what you hear
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