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Larry Wilson Book Signing
October 20, 2012
     We were honored to be able to present a book signing for Larry Wilson at Quincy Books in the Quincy Mall, Quincy, Illinois. Larry has written one book, Chasing Shadows, and is finishing up a second one at this time. Quincy Books was gracious enough to allow us space in their store, as well as providing a table, so that Larry could do this book signing. Several people stopped by with their own tales of the paranormal, and Larry discussed these with each of them. He even signed some additional copies of the book so the store would have them to sell as well. We found out that they had sold out the books they had ordered, and had to order another shipment!
     We hope to be able to repeat this experience when his next book is released, in the very near future. But until that time, please enjoy some photos from this, our first sponsored book signing. Thanks again to Larry Wilson, as well as Quincy Books for making this happen! We had a great time.      
Larry Wilson and two of the ladies from Quincy Books in the Quincy Mall. Thanks ladies for a great afternoon.
Larry discusses the paranormal with Teri from Il-Mo and one of them people who stopped during the afternoon.
Teri and Larry discuss past events during the book signing.
Larry talks to a lady who stopped to buy a book and to discuss with Larry her experiences in the paranormal.
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