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LaGrange, Missouri
Private Residence

     We received a telephone call one day from a very nice lady who was very afraid to be in her home alone. She would feel as if someone was standing over her while she slept, breathing in her face. She had the feeling that the presence would be mad at her when she left the house, and the problems would be worse when she returned. The house had, at one time, set on a difference piece of property, but had been moved due to some flood damage. The home owners are currently in the process of remodeling the house, the activity starting once the renovations started.
     This home owner wanted some answers, and so it was to this location that Il-MO Entity Trackers went one Friday night in May. We hoped that we would be able to provide some answers, and some sense of relief to this homeowner. Were we successful? Please join us as we review the events of the night, and post some of our evidence. We did receive a few surprises, that is for sure.
Note: due to the wishes of the client, no photos of the outside of the home will be used.
Note: It is usually easier to hear recordings thru the use of headphones. They are often clearer, and there is less external noise to mask the recordings.   
Grid light set up in the hallways.
Look down the long hallway, towards the bedroom.

     There were no males in the house during the investigation
Teri was asking how many spirits were in the room, this was the response

Teri talking about the shadows. No men were present this night.
Our investigator is speaking in this clip, but we also hear
something else.

        In the following clips, the same name is heard
Teri and the client are speaking about someone in town. How many times do you hear the name?

The name is repeated again. They are no longer speaking of this person.

Talking about being a spirit.
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