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Kingston Church
Kingston, Illinois
     It is a local, hometown church, residing in a small community in western Illinois. The members of this Methodist Church do those things that most of us remember from our days of growing up. They host baby showers. They help remodel and fix the church, to help contain costs. They worship of Sunday and live the life the other six days of the week. They host Easter programs, Thanksgiving programs, Christmas programs, and Vacation Bible School. They baptize their children, celebrate at a wedding, and pay their respects at a funeral. They give to local programs, and help the less fortunate. And, above all, they believe.
     So you would wonder what reason they would have for calling our team in to this location. Because they, like others, believe that there is something greater beyond this life. And they have questions surrounding spirits remaining on this earth. The church was celebrating its 150th year, and always trying to keep the kids interested, they invited the team to put on a program for the young in the church. We of course jumped at the chance to do this for the community. But we wanted to have something to present them beyond previous locations. So we were granted the privilege of conducting an investigation at this old church building.
     Our team went to this location one night, to see what we could learn about the building and what might still remain here in this place of love. And what we found amazed even us. 
     So come and join us as we recount our visit to this piece of the past, and see if we were able to make contact with past members of this Church, and those that lived near the location.
The inside of the church. The pews are located on each side of the building, with carpet down on the floor.
Door leading to the basement, seems to give off a weird vibe to those in the building at the time.
Lynn's daughter Taylor using the dowsing rods.
Lynn sits in one of the pews, and listens to the sounds around her.
Specific Audio Clip:
There is occasionally that clip that you listen to and it makes you
just shake your head. Did you really hear that? But when you  add
to that pictures taken, it makes you think that this might have
come from a different time. 
Listen to the following clips, than check out the pictures below.
Looking towards the back of the church, from the pulpit.
When we heard this, we had to go outside and see what we could
find. Looking down we found this. But not a series of prints, and nothing like a wheel print.
So we worked on it a bit, to try to make it plainer.
Audio Clips:
The team was sitting in the pews, doing an EVP session.
The floors are carpeted. No one was moving around
at this time.
Spirit Box:
The following clip has 2 different components.
Listen to the response noted from the spirit box. But
also listen to what did not come from
the spirit box
After hearing the first sound above, we went to the window. What we saw was a black horse pulling a flatbed wagon, with the driver dressed in black, with a large top hat. Could it have been something like this,without the coffin?
After we did our evidence review, we made an appointment to do the reveal. Our host wanted us to do this at the church, so we did. To say we were surprised by the turn-out would be an understatement!
Be sure to check on the tab Kingston Church November to see
what happened when we went back to do the reveal.
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