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Kingston Church
Kingston, Illinois
Paranormal Presentation Night

     Our team was pleased to be asked to do a presentation to a local Church. They wanted to do a paranormal presentation for the local teen group. So with our evidence from the previous week's investigation, our equipment, and a disc of past evidence from different locations, we headed off to this quaint church, which has celebrated 150 years of existence. There is, as with most churches, a cemetery attached, where many family members sleep their eternal rest. Many of these still have family members who attend this church. So we drove there looking forward to presenting our evidence from our investigation, and for the chance to introduce to others what we so enjoy doing. Little did we realize what was in store for us when we arrived, and what would happen before the night was completed!
     Expecting to see a few teens, we were surprised and impressed to see approximately 35-40 people in attendance, from teens to the grown-ups! Many were interested to hear our presentation, so it was time to set up and to get down to business.
     Teri started off the night with a CD presentation that showed team members and various locations we have investigated. We had to show our video, set to the theme of "Ghost Busters." She than showed some of the equipment we used during an investigation and how it worked. Evps captured at various locations were played, and were enjoyed by all present. But nothing prepared them for what was played next.
     From our previous investigation at the church, Teri played the evps captured. Than she told the story about the horse and wagon that the team members saw, and than she played the evps of what sounds like a horse walking by. These particular evps were played 3 times each, as they crowd really enjoyed hearing them. After a question and answer session, and some stories told, the equipment was passed out for the guests to use during the next part of the presentation, the investigation of the cemetery.
     The guests headed in several directions, many going to the site of their loved ones. Many evps were captured, and several interesting things happened. Several of these will be placed on this website. As the temperatures dropped, we headed back inside to enjoy snacks, sandwiches, drinks, and more stories of the past and the present. We prepared to depart, with a return invitation to host an "adults" night at this location. We look forward to seeing everyone again, and plan to return in the new year. But for now, please join us as we recount our time spent at this location, and walk with us as we show some of the incidents which touched many of the visitors which were with us that night.
A full spectrum shot
of the church, set and 
ready for our presentation.
Teri gives a talk regarding evidence caught during past investigations. The crowd is very interested!
Of the many photos taken during the talk, this is the only one with this streaking. Could it be a mist? We just don't know.
Some of the guests in attendance for the night, in full spectrum!
We were so happy to have such a large crowd for the night! Thanks to everyone who came. We hope you had as much fun as we did.
A view of the cemetery.
Many loved ones now
sleep the eternal rest
in this location.
The lady in the brown coat with the black scarf is a family member of the person buried in this location. The following clips were captured here.
This is another location with an interesting event. It was still daylight when we were at this location. Notice the dusk to dawn light at the bottom right corner of the stone. And listen to what happened while we were here.
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