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     Each year that passes, we find ourselves re-evaluating the past year and planning for the oncoming one. We take what has not worked and throw it out, blend in what has worked, and strive to add new techniques that will make the next year the best one ever.
     Team members are added, but many do not realize how dedicated you must be to be effective in this field. The hours spent researching and talking to people regarding investigations. The hours spent afterwards going through recorders and video, photos, reviewing with other members of the team to throw out anything that we can even partially qualify as not being paranormal. The reveals, the website, the networking with other all can be so time-consuming. But for those that find this is more than just a hobby, for those that want to find answers, and to help others, these hours are so well spent. 
     So what does this year hold for our team? Investigations to new locations as well as return investigations to some of our favorites. The hope to be able to help others be comfortable in their homes. To be able to educate others to the world of the paranormal. The addition of new team members. And hopefully a surprise or two!
     Our activities of this year will be featured here. As in past years, we will never tell you what you are going to hear, as we feel that is not fair to you. We want you to hear it for yourself and see if it matches with what we found. We promise to always keep our clients' wishes in the forefront of everything, so some investigations may limit the location, the photos, or even the investigation entirely. We will not break the confidence our clients have with us. Because without our clients, we won't be much of a team.
     We hope that you will continue to follow us on this journey of discovery. We always welcome hearing from you and hope that you will send us your comments. And to all, we hope that this is the best year ever for you and yours! 
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