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Investigations 2014
    It is that time of year again! We are starting off on a new year, with a change of team members, and some new investigations on the horizons!  We are gearing up to make this year the best one yet. And from our previous years, that is definitely saying something. But if you don't move forward, you stagnate. And that just isn't our style.
     So what does this year hold for our team? Several items are on the agenda for 2014.
     We plan to add some new team members. Being a part of an active paranormal team is hard work. And not everyone has the time or dedication required. We spend a lot of time away from home, and away from our families. We spend a lot of money driving to locations, buying equipment, and sometimes helping out with expenses at different locations. This we willingly do, because of the passion we have for this field. There are times when other desires are more important, and this we understand. So we plan to add some new people who will round out our team, and make us more diverse when planning dates. New blood is always a good idea, because with it comes new ideas and new perspectives, something which we can all use from time to time.
     We plan to continue our goal to help others who are in need. We have always felt that no one should ever be afraid to live in their own home. So we will be there to help those who call for our assistance. And we hope to be able to provide some answers with what is happening in their home and how to make the situation better.
     Along with this, we plan to continue with our community involvement. We have been involved in events where the money raised goes to a worthy cause, and this year will be no different. We want to make the community  one of our primary concerns, and to help raise awareness of the needs which are surrounding us all the time. So you can be sure to look for more benefits through the year.
     There are some locations which just continue to call to us, and these we will not ignore. So one goal is to return to some of our favorite locations, and to build on the investigations of the past. To see if the spirits which inhabit those locations will be more active "because they recognize us" and to be able to learn more about the reasons they remain behind.
     We never forget about the past, so we will be highlighting more local cemeteries and seeing what we can learn from those that rest in these quiet locations. And with that comes research, into the area as well as the cemetery. To see how these people made their mark on our country and state.
     We plan to look at some locations where it will be our initial investigation, and to see how things go when we enter "uncharted territory" for our team. To learn is one of the things which everyone should always strive to do, and we hope to learn more about these locations as we go along.
     We will continue to add equipment, and that means learning how to properly use it during an investigation. You have have tons of stuff, but if you don't use it properly, it is just more things to lug around. So we will have work sessions to learn new equipment and new software, and to experiment with each.
     We will continue to network with other teams, as this makes for a solid foundation in the paranormal. Learning what others do and how to improve with each investigation makes for an improved team, something which we strive for on a continuous basis.
     This is just a sample of what we have planned for the year. We will be sure to get some fun things in there along the way. Getting our team together to talk and eat and visit is always a good time. This allows us to learn more about each other, and makes us a solid team. When we are investigating, we are serious. And when we get together to have fun, it is always an interesting experience! So please, come along for the ride. We will post updates throughout the year, inside what our client grants us to do, and will notify everyone regarding the new pages. So please let us know what you think, and sit tight and strap in, because it is going to be a wild year!

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