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Keokuk, Iowa
     Il-Mo Entity Trackers had the pleasure of investigating a private residence in Iowa. This building was constructed just after the turn of the century.  As you can imagine, there is a lot of history associated with this location. It is said that this location used to hold lavish parties, and even hosted a visit from a President. Music is said to have been played briskly as people danced around and enjoyed the night. But not all activity centers around a joyous time. Rumor has it that a man murdered his wife, and was never convicted of the crime.
     There have been many reports of activity at this location. Shadow figures, voices, and the sensation of not being alone are just some of the reports we have received. Due to the request of our client, we are not disclosing the location of this residence, nor are we showing any photos that could identify the locations. Our clients are very important to us, and we will be honoring this request.
     During our investigation, many experiences were noted by the team. The team heard a woman's voice downstairs, as well as a man's voice at the top of the stairs. Footsteps were heard during the night, and the team could not determine the cause of the sounds. Using the dowsing rods, the team had some results in one section of the downstairs. But through it all, the overall impression by the team was one of positive emotions.
     Join us now as we review our investigation at this historic location. And we hope to be able to return to this residence in the near future.
This last clip has had the words spoken by the investigator altered
slightly to protect the privacy of our client.
These clips were captured in the living area of the building.
This was captured just as the team was leaving an
upstairs area
Spirit Box Sessions
To maintain privacy, we have altered what the investigator said in this clip, but you can hear the response.
These clips happened in the living area of the building.
Some of the light fixtures
which represent the
age in which the building
was constructed.
Some of the original
tile on the floors.
Crystals are said to
help promote interactions with the spirits, as the
aura surrounding the person is said to respond to the make-up of the
A section with original details on the walls.
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