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Keokuk, Iowa
    One of the great things about doing this "job" is the friends that we have made. We can visit, "talk shop," compare notes, and sometimes join together to do an investigation. This is what happened this night.  A call to come and join in on an investigation of a private residence, where they had been experiencing interesting events. And what a night it turned out to be! Shadow figures, battery drains, shadows breaking the grid light, disembodied voices, and more! It was a great night. 
     Because this is a private residence, we will not be showing any photos which might lead people to know where it is located. We respect our clients tremendously, and will never do anything which they do not agree with. We will be trying to display our evidence while keeping our clients private. And we hope to some day be able to return to this very interesting location!

This doll sits in the kitchen. One night, the little girl who lives here
was talking to another little girl. The problem? There was no
one else there, not that the family could see at least.
Also where the grid lights were broken by a shadow figure.
The basement. Often a creepy place to be. In this location, the
team noticed a shadow figure across the room. Later, during
an EVP session using a spirit box, they noticed a figure move down the wall. Also had battery drain in this area.
We learned long ago to tag if we hear something like this.
Spirit Box
Was a wee one trying to be funny with us?
These were all captured around the kitchen area.
We never could locate the source of this.
We liked this interaction a lot. All captured in the basement
Listen past the sounds of the spirit box at something that isn't
from the box. This was in the kitchen area, where we captured
the above clips and saw the shadow figure break the grid lights.
All the spirit box clips were captured in the basement.
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