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Quincy, Illinois
     We receive phone calls from people who are often just looking for answers. They know that something is there and want to find out what, and why. They often are not scared to live in their homes, or work in their businesses, but just have that feeling of things not being quite right. And they are looking for the details of their "guests."
     But sometimes we are called into a home because something is scaring the family, and they don't know what. Often they are afraid to talk about it, for fear that someone will think they are crazy. Lets face it, not everyone believes as we do about paranormal activity. So sometimes they are limited with whom they can discuss such things.
     And sometimes we are called by parents because their children are scared. Scared to be in their rooms, to walk in the hallways, or to even come out and play. When we have such a case, we go. And do our best to help.
    This is such a case.  We received a call from a parent, who reported several different events to our team, all of which were concerning. This parent stated that the children wouldn't play in their rooms because of the "mean man," which would tell them to leave. They reported having a small boy and a woman in the home. The activity started shortly after the family moved in. The 3-year old described on of the entities as "ugly." They also reported that the spirits seem to follow the family from upstairs to downstairs, and one even was seen in their car.
     No parents wants their child upset, and this family is no different. So we picked a date and headed to the location, set up our equipment, and tried to see what we could find. Due to this being a family with small children, and at the request of the homeowners, we are not posting any outside photos, and no photos of the family. There will not be any names of family members mentioned. And if you happen to know this family, we ask that you do not bother them or their children.
     We did have a guest investigator with us this night, and we do appreciate him coming along to help. So please sit back and relax, and take a look at the results of our investigation this night. We will be doing follow-up investigations with this family, as this is an ongoing project. As always, we appreciate your comments and questions. 
These two photos were
taken under full spectrum
light. Of all the photos 
we took that night, these
two were the only ones that showed this.
Several members did
hear a voice in here, 
but it was not captured
on our recorders.
Not sure what this is or
what it means, but it wasn't present on the
other photos taken, and 
there were many.
Full spectrum of the stairs.

Another view of the stairs, this on with a regular digital
The living room, where
we placed the Mel Meter
on the coffee table.
Had a feeling something
was around the recliner, but were unable to pick up any evidence regarding it.
At one point during the EVP session, the Mel Meter registered a 1.0.
The rest of the time, it was at 0.
 Spirit Box:
We usually don't present a lot of spirit box hits, but sometimes that is how it seems that the spirits decide to interact with us. So we present these, and ask you to let us know what you think.
Sometimes team members seem to be the person that the spirit
is centering on during the investigation. Seems this way this
night as well. Randall was our guest investigator.
The clip to the right is the only EVP we received that night. Not
a usual occurrence for us, but it can happen. 
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