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    There are some locations which we are allowed to present evidence regarding the investigation, but the client does not wish outside photos taken of their location. We totally respect our client's wishes, so there will be no outside photographs, or even the name of the town. But we have been granted permission to post inside photos and the evidence collected. 
     Our client related several different experiences they have had in this location. They have heard a child saying "Mommy" several times through the house. They have heard voices while in the basement. They have heard doors opening by themselves, when there was no one on the other side of the door. A shelf fell down, and the knick knacks on the shelf were found arranged on the floor around the fallen shelf, and none of them were broken. While the client was folding clothes, some book were taken off a shelf.
     But the activity does not seem to be limited to this location. The residence is located near some Indian Mounds. The Mounds are surrounded by several houses. Our client has spoken with several of the owners of these homes. One related a story of entering their house, to see an older Indian woman sitting in the recliner. The homeowner stated that the woman looked up at him and smiled. The homeowner went back out the door.
     We arrived and set up our equipment, and prepared for this investigation where the homeowner was looking for some answers. Were we able to give answers? Follow us below and listen to what we found. Hopefully you will be as surprised as we were.
The basement, where they have heard people talking, and no one was there.

Beth shoots video in a room. The team received an impression that someone was going to come down the hallway.
Door to the basement. This area sometimes give a very unsettling feeling.
One of our new trigger objects.
The living room.
The master bedroom. As you can see, the rooms, with the exception of the kitchen, are hardwood. No carpet in this house.
EVP: Audio

Best heard with headphones
The following clips were captured at the same time. This is why knowing that there is hardwood on the floors. We understand that sounds can carry easily with hardwood, but the team was sitting still when these were captured.
EVP: Spirit Box
Both these lead us to the same answer, so we played with
something we haven't done much, reverse. So we
reversed what we thought might be the answer.
This is presented below.
The first two clips are not the same ones. We all know how, sometimes you start repeating yourself, or ask the
same question in different rooms. This is what happened
here, and we hear the same response with each clip.
Now tell us, what do you hear?

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