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Ilasco, Missouri
    There is just so much that we enjoy about being paranormal investigators. It definitely isn't all about "chasing ghosts." We enjoy spending time together as friends. We love being able to research the history of a location, find out who lived there, and see if we can pick someone who might continue to reside in the location. We like being able to help a family that is troubled by their home. Helping to find an answer to what may still remain inside a closed business. To be able to take a scared homeowner and reassure them, and see them feel comfortable once again, in the one location we all deserve to feel safe. To hear that children, once again, play and sleep well in a location where they were once scared to be. To be able to share the passion we have with others, especially another generation of investigators.
     Our friend Nancy came with us for our investigation at Ilasco. She brought along with her, her grandson Nick, who was very interested in the paranormal. Nancy herself is a paranormal investigator, so it seems right that this would be something that she could share with Nick. So when she arrived, Nick came along to, and was a part of his first paranormal investigation! He did an amazing job, just like an old pro! We hope that he enjoyed himself, and that he will have lots of investigations in his future.
Nancy relates her experiences in the town to team member
Randy. Nancy's grandparents lived in this town when she
was a child, and she has fond memories of walking around the area.
Nick and Teri walk around the location where the schools used
to be. Nick took pictures with his own camera while on the 
investigation. He listened to the spirit box during an EVP session.
We were happy to be able to introduce him to a world that
is still being discovered.
Body of water located south of the location of the school.
We walked to this area and did an EVP session. We are not sure
how long this had been there, but know that there were
houses in this area when the town flourished. 
Teri and Nick walk back towards the team, after having done
an EVP session at the site of the jail.
When they arrived home, Nick showed this to his grandmother. He said he picked it up in Ilasco, during the investigation.
The coupon is in pristine condition. But the question is, where did it come from? And how did it remain in such good shape for this many years. The date: June 1941. Maybe something was with us after all.
"Dark Legacy"
By: Midnight Syndicate
From the CD: Cemetery Gates 2008
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