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Hebron Cemetery


     Sometimes you can find an interesting cemetery just by driving around. Recently, we were following some history related to an investigation, and in finding another cemetery, we drove by this sign. We, of course, couldn't just not stop! And after following a gravel road that seemed to be going into a field, we turned the corner, went down a small dip in the ground, and ended up outside of this cemetery. And a very interesting cemetery indeed!
      Built in the 1800's, this cemetery holds the remains of some of the county's earliest settlers. The interesting part: people were buried in the order in which they died, and had no relationship to other family members. Stones line the rows, all pretty much alike, and with little space between. The earliest markers were made from maple, markers being changed to limestone around 1850. Many of the stones are no longer readable, and the earliest markers have rotted away, with nothing to mark the person resting so deep in the ground. Later stones became more decorative, but for these early settlers, simple was the way to mark one's death.


The left side of the cemetery, standing at the gate. Compare to the picture to the right. This is the older side of the cemetery.
The right side, or newer side, of the cemetery. 
Another view of the rows of stones marking the burial site of some of
the county's first settlers.
Sisters perhaps?
Unusual stone found in the "newer" section. The name of
Bauer is well known in this area.
Mary Gabott, wife of J. Beckley.
Settler born in Germany.
Ziegler is another well known name of a settler in this area.
Henry was listed as a Miller, Grinding Wheat while
Clara was listed as being a housekeeper.
Miller is another well known name in this area. 
Note how similiar these last two stones are to each other, and so very
different than the ones on the "left" side of the cemetery.
"Across The Chasm"
From The CD Cemetery Gates  2008
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