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Harmony Cemetery
     Sometimes different circumstances can bring a person back to a place they had long ago forgotten. This was the case recently for one of our investigators, and had this investigator taking a walk back through  the memory of an earlier time, one where life was simpler, and fun could be found in enjoying the company of friends, without cell phones, televisions, or computers.
     One of our investigators has been researching into her family history. In looking  for past family members, she found that some of them were buried in the Harmony Cemetery. This was a place that she knew well, but had not been to for many, many years. A recent investigation led her back to her hometown, and she pulled onto the country road, to see what she could find. Pulling up to the area, well it was like stepping back in time. The church is gone now, but the memories of times spent there came flooding back as she walked along the area. One Sunday a month, everyone would gather at this country church. The morning would be spent singing and praying, and listening to the preacher perform his sermon. Noon would be the time for the carry-in dinner. Everyone would bring food and spread it out on the tables. You just knew that there would be something good to eat, and couldn't wait to fill your plate. After the blessing was said, everyone would go down the sides of the tables, taking more than you needed to eat, but knowing that none of it would go to waste. The kids would go outside to eat, sitting on the ground or under the big trees. Plates full of some of the best food around would be consumed, and washed down with tea or water, no sodas here.
     Afternoon would find the adults talking and catching up with each other, as this was the only time some would get together. The kids would be outside, playing hide and seek, or Red Rover, or London Bridge. Hours would pass; the laughter was plentiful, knees would be dirty from falling down, and everyone knew it wasn't a problem. Soon it was time to go home. The cars were packed and everyone headed back home. But there was no sadness, because we knew that next month we would all gather again. And summer would bring Vacation Bible School, where we would spend the week making crafts and putting on skits, and playing outside once again.
     Walking through the cemetery was just like taking a step back in time as well. Names on the stones so familiar. Two were school friends that rode the same bus that she did. Two were old friends from way back, an Aunt and Uncle for lack of better names to use. All told a story, some of tragedy and some of a long life. Please join us as we present our page to this cemetery,  which proves that sometimes you can go home again.
The Fosters ran the country store in Hedge City. The bus would sometimes stop there on the way home, and the kids could buy candy or soda, the only time you could eat on the bus. They sliced meats for sandwiches, had the really good cheeses, and carried just about anything you could want. The store is gone now, but the memory will remain with anyone who ever entered their place.
Allen and Alice Prosser were married in 1881. Jake Prosser died at age 20, cause unknown. Alonzo Lee Prosser drowned at the age of 35 in Texas. Allen died at age 42, cause unknown. Alice died at age 52 from heart and kidney problems. At least 2 more siblings of Jake and Alonzo were born of this marriage.
Henry Mason was born in Kentucky, and married Rebekah in 1844. He enlisted on Feb. 29, 1864 and served with Company E, 21st Missouri Volunteers, Infantry Regiment, at the age of 43. What stories he must have had, what tales he could have told about the darkest history of our country. Did he ever talk about the war? We will never know. But the inscription on his stone will forever remind people of the sacrifices that so many men and women make in the service to our Military.
This little girl was the daughter of James L. and Pet Arment. Her parents are buried beside her. We can not find any record of her death, her age, the year, or even her first name. We hope to find the answers to some of these questions, so we can place them here. Because everyone should have their name listed on their stone, for all to see and remember.

Even though there is peace inside the cemetery gates, there is also sadness. Nothing causes us to stop and reflect as the stones which are for the children. This video is dedicated to these young souls, lost way too soon, and thecauses of their deaths. We hope that you wee ones are now finding the joy you were not able to achieve on this earth.

Walking through the cemetery and gazing at the stones, it is truly amazing that so many families are buried together. Sometimes a husband and wife, sometimes with a child, and sometimes extended members of the family are represented on one stone. To those that sleep the eternal sleep, we honor you and yours.
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