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Old Immaculate Conception Church
Hannibal, Missouri
     Originally, it was built in 1875 and was the home to the First Congregational Church. In 1880, the building was used by the Catholic Organization, and was renamed to the Immaculate Conception Church. Church services and events continued in this building until 1955, when another church building was used and this one was no longer used in that capacity.
     In the time since it closed as a church, the building has been used by the American Legion Hall, was the location for several years of the Molly Brown Theater, was a part of a bowling alley, had an apartment upstairs, and in most recent years was the home of the Hannibal Community Theater.
     Just recently, the building was purchased by Michael and Jackie Erwin, who have been actively cleaning and restoring the building. They have painted the entry way and have started putting new material around the stage platform. They hope to be able to host events in the building, and have it be used for community events and private parties.
     The history of the building makes it a very interesting place. And the activity inside is even more interesting. Full body apparitions have been noted, voices, shadows, and the sensation of not being alone. They have been reported from several different people. And it was to this location that we were drawn in May. Would we have the same results? Only the night would tell. Please join us as we present our night at the Hannibal Church in Hannibal, Missouri.
     Even though we did not have any audio or video evidence we are placing on this page, (we are very selective regarding our evidence and only wish to present the best possible) we did have several experiences during the night. A man watching the team, as well as the sensation that the team was being followed were noted by several different members of the group that night. Unfortunately this is not something you can record, but we would like to present it as a personal experience that was shared by several members of the team.
     We are presenting several pictures that were taken during the night, not paranormal but highlighting the team, the building and some of its history.
 A postcard showing the Church
as it was when still active.
View of the beautiful church windows that are still present today.
Mike and Jackie Erwin, who are fixing up this wonderful old building, and hope to have it ready for use very soon.
Denny, under full spectrum light.
Sharon records video. The inside of the building was very dusty, so we had a lot of white floaters in the air.
Stairway where both Teri and Denny had feelings of being followed.
Once the home to the Molly Brown Theater.
Teri uses the Ovilus during an EVP session in the main room. Here is where she first started getting the feelings of being watch by a man.
Denny uses the Mel Meter while Teri listens for responses.
Gargoyle on the top of the building. In ancient times, gargoyles were said to scare evil spirits away. They were also used to remind people that evil does exist.
Sharon and Beth investigate during the night.
Sharon videos while Denny uses the Mel Meter during the investigation.
"Family Secrets" by Midnight Syndicate
From the CD: 13th Hour, 2005
Used with permission of Midnight Syndicate

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