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Old Brothel
Hannibal, Missouri
     Il-Mo Entity Trackers had the pleasure to investigate one of the older buildings in Hannibal. The three-story building has housed many different businesses over the years. The current owner, Carol, rents out the lower level to Dale, shown above with the team. Dale uses the lower level as a pet grooming business, and has had many experiences in the building. Early in the morning, before turning on the equipment, she hears doors closing upstairs (where no one lives) as well as the sounds of footsteps and dragging furniture.
     The second floor, which has one apartment, is currently vacant. In previous years, the tenant of that apartment related seeing a man sitting by a second-story window, with a light on behind him. He tried to interact with the man, but he was never acknowledged. Oh, the building didn't have electricity on the second story at that time.  
     The top floor has a very colorful history, as it once served as a brothel. Brothels were very common along this street in the 1800's. The front of the building faces the street, and the back of the building faces the Mississippi River. As recently as the early 2000's, the top floor served as apartments. The top floor is vacant and not livable at the present time. There are 3 rooms on this
    The south side of the building                 level, as well as a bathroom. None of the doors 
                                                    were noted to be open, and closing the doors were
     Do the past residents of the apartments still reside here? Or could the previous "ladies of the night" still try to ply their trade with unknown men? Would they respond to our group, which did include a man? We go in with open minds, and hope for good results. But often we are surprised at what we find. And this investigation was, well, very different. We had many hits from our Spirit Box, too many to put on here, so we will be posting only the best ones. And the hits we had were more than just coincidence. So please join us now as we recap our investigation at this building in downtown Hannibal, in a town noted to house spirits and lost souls, and more than a little bit of history.
One of the many sinks noted
to be upstairs. 
Ashley and Cassie, our guest investigators
for the evening.
Upstairs in the middle room,
we noted the Mel Meter responding with a change in numbers. This picture shows the reading to be 20.The K-2 Meter right beside the Mel Meter did not change lights.
This was the first picture taken.
Taken at 20:07:47
This is the second photo taken. The reading is now
up to 30, which was the highest reading we had
for the night.
Taken at 20:07:52
The stairs leading down to the second floor.
Teri, investigating up on the third floor. Several bed frames remain. We wondered what the rope was used for. Or, maybe some things are best left unknown.
Denny uses the spirit box on the third floor.
Dale looks out the window, hoping to catch the man in the second-story window across the street.
Teri had the feeling that someone was in this hallway several times during the investigation.
Denny comes up the stairs from outside.
On the second floor. Ashley, Cassie, and Dale are in the kitchen talking. Denny, Teri, and Sharon are in the kitchen talking.
This was captured on the recorder in the kitchen.
Denny, Sharon, and Teri are in the living room. Denny is always hungry, and the talk frequently revolves around food.
This time was no different.
Teri had a feeling there was someone in the hallways, so walked out there to see what she could pick up. This was captured.
Teri was, again, in the hallway. There were only 4 people in the building at this time, all adults.
Sharon and Denny in the living room
Spirit Box:
The team was upstairs and was asking the spirit about
where (what we thought was a her) children were now.
Asked the spirit another question, and this is what happened.
Still upstairs in the west bedroom. Asking about holiday drinks.
 Upstairs east bedroom. *Warning, contains what we consider
language some won't approve of hearing*
Asking for something to be said louder. 
*Warning, contains what we consider
language some won't approve of hearing*
Denny was asking about what $20 would buy. This is something
we picked up frequently during our investigation.
Guess they liked him.
The spirit box is set to scan quickly through the channels.
This occurred several times during the investigation.
And often on this type of subject.
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