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Hamilton House
Hamilton, Illinois
     We were asked this past April to join River City Paranormal to investigate a house outside Hamilton IL. As we pulled up in the front, we fell in love with this beautiful huge home sitting on 5 acres. But even with the beauty on the inside, there was a mysterious vibe once we entered the house.
     The house was built in the early 1980's, on the site of where an old farm house used to stand.  There were 3 recorded deaths in the house. In addition, there also seems to be a mysterious aura that surrounds the house, that of making people sick. Several of the family that lived there had a lot of problems that seemed to get better once they moved away. The original barn and well are still on the 5 property, along with the sink, cabinets, stove, and fridge from the old farm house kitchen. The lady that had the house constructed had designed it to be divided into 2 living spaces, but the basement is so large it would make a great place for a 3rd family.
    The owner of the house came out to let us in and share some incredible stories of the people that lived and died in the house. He also took us on a tour of this amazing home. Once he left, we set up our equipment and the investigation started.
     We had several personal experiences this night, including hearing an audible voice from the dining room, what sounded like 2 people in the kitchen area having a conversation, hearing footsteps, the feeling of being watched, and seeing a shadow figure passing through the living room.
     We had an enjoyable time at this location. We have posted our audible results from this night. Please check them out and let us know what you think! We hope to some day be able to return, and continue to discover what souls might still remain in this country house. 
Deena and Jolene investigate one room.
The old barn stands as a reminder of a time long ago.
Looking down the long hallway.
Deena and Jolene continue their investigation.
Master Bedroom:
Living Room/Dining Room:
Spirit Box Responses:
In the master bedroom
In the living room/dining room

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