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Haiti, 2012
     One of our team members had the opportunity to travel to the island of Haiti this past summer, to join with others on a missionary trip to this country. Haiti was the site of a destructive earthquake in 2010, and more recently several hurricanes, which cause the loss of more lives. This team traveled to Carrefour, which is the poorest of the cities in Haiti. They traveled to help bring hope to the citizens of this city, to let them know that they have not been forgotten, and to remind them that God has not deserted them in their hour of need. What the team did not expect was what they received for doing this trip. No, not money or fame, not a lot of trinkets to bring home, and luckily no long term health problems. They found a lot of love for God, a lot of lasting friendships, and a new sense of what happiness means. It isn't found in the material possessions one has, it is found in what is in one's heart. And they also had a cleansing, of sort. Each team member was bothered by something which seemed to stay with them during their lives. These fears they wrote on a rock, and on this last day, cast them into the Sea, to be swallowed by the water, and to be washed away from their lives. Everyone definitely came away a new person. And here we would like to showcase this team members experience in this land. We hope you enjoy this, and we look forward to more trips in the future. Because this is ALL about helping others.
You don't have to go all the way to Haiti to help. You can get involved in local activities to help those less fortunate. There are also mission trips to areas inside the United States. And if you don't have the desire or time to do either of these, a donation of goods or money will always be appreciated. Caring starts with the heart, and the heart will gain so much more than it will give. 
Much of the evidence of the earthquake still remains. This is on the road from Port au Prince. Rubble still remains and many homes have never been
This is a view from the bus, and this is the road....hmmm, this is a two-lane road, but you wouldn't know it from this, with 4 lanes of traffic. Glad I wasn't driving!
Repairs are being made, just takes a lot of time. This is a section of the road being repaired. Whether this damage is from the earthquake or from the
recent hurricane, we do not know.
Some of the houses are being repaired, but it is slow work. This is the beginning of a roof being placed on this house. It started on Monday. By Thursday, it had a metal roof to protect the home from the elements. And considering the weather was sweltering, this was an amazing
This is our team mate Sharon, during her trip to Haiti. This was one of the orphanage that they visited during their stay. The children were so eager for someone to love on them and show them some fun. It is amazing what a smile and a hug will do for someone with very little in their lives.
This little girl touched the lives of several of the team. She had a sore throat, and due to the determination of the team, we were able to get her the medical help she desperately needed. And we can report that she is doing well these days. We hope to check on her during a return visit.
Many have heard the phrase "tent city," and this is one of those places.
Many people, still homeless from the earthquake, are living in these shacks, placed close together with hundreds in one location. And the goats and hogs and chickens roam freely. The water isn't safe to drink and cholera kills many. There is not a lot of sanitation practices either. Something to think about the
next time you visit your local "throne" or your refrigerator.
One of the team was great at making balloon animals, and taught several team mates this trade. This is at one of the orphanages we visited. The kids had such a good time, and so did we! The adults entrusted with the care of these kids do such a fine job with very little. We were glad to be able to donate some supplies to these orphanages as well as the church. We are glad to be able to make a little bit of difference in these lives.
OK, so it all wasn't work. We did get the chance to go to the water during our
visit. The sea was so warm and blue/green, and was a welcome relief from
the heat we had been experiencing.
One of the main reasons to go to Haiti was to assist with Bible School. We were honored to be able to present to the children of this church, which is held in an alley between buildings, our take on the stories of the Bible. Several of the girls also taught the kids, and the adult, several songs. This is one of those. We don't know who had more fun, the kids or us!
Each generation counts on the next to create a better life for the country. In an area devastated by so much, it is difficult to see any hope sometimes. These
are the faces of Haiti's future, and seeing their eyes and their smiles, we know that Haiti will survive.
Our team had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know many of the citizens of Carrefour. We especially enjoyed our time with the children. From Bible School to soccer, these kids are amazing and such a joy to be around.

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