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Hagers Grove

     Travel down any back, country road and you will find small "spots" in the road, places that once were thriving communities. Places that once held businesses, homes, schools, and churches. But with the advent of modern times, better roads, and the need to get some place quickly, many have all but disappeared. This is one of those areas. Once a place of family gatherings, kids playing in the creek, and where the sounds of the blacksmith's hammer pounding on the anvil could be heard daily. Where people lived and loved, and sometimes died. And where the past inhabitants may not have all left.
     Il-Mo Entity Trackers visited this place after we were contacted by the owner of the home. The owner's youngest child was having problems living in this home, due to the child being visited by the spirits of several people, but the one that scared this child the most was the "old man." The one that this child said didn't want the child to talk to anyone. The man that this child saw in the car with the parent, even though there was no one else in the car. Spirits that had this child so scared that the child wouldn't sleep in their own room, and woke at 3AM calling out. Where doors have been noted to open by themselves. Where visitors seldom will return once they have come to visit.
     The present owner told us of a house that used to sit on this site, one that they tore down and removed the debris. They told us about a shed which they moved onto their property, and could only feel evil inside. They told us about the swing set that the youngest child wouldn't play on, sitting over the site where the debris was buried. Where the owner heard footsteps coming up behind him, and no one was outside. Where shadow people are frequently seen and a voice was heard on the baby monitor, with no one in the room except for the baby. And the story of a person who hanged himself in the house, the one that they tore down. This family was scared to be in their own home, and even though the house had been blessed, the activity continued. Would we be able to help ease the anxiety of this family. We traveled to this rural location with this in mind, and hoped to be able to find some answers for this family, so they could find peace in their own home.
Update: We spoke with the owner of the home after our reveal, and they said that the youngest child was more comfortable in the home, and was now sleeping through the night. Some activity still continues, and they are trying to learn to live with it. We informed them that we would be willing to do a return investigation, to see if we could further help this family.
Note: The owners of this home have given us permission to post this investigation. We ask that you respect their privacy and do not bother them. If they tell us that they are being disturbed by non-paranormal spirits, we will remove this page.
Where the old house sat that the owners tore down. Here they have heard footsteps but no one was around.
This is where the shed. They would get a feeling of evil whenever they were inside this shed. We found our that the bard used to sit on this site, and that the previous owner fell from the barn to his death. Part of the youngest child's room was also on the area where the barn was located, and a lot of activity was noted in this child's room.
This is where the debris of the house was buried, and where the swing set was placed. Once the swing set was moved to another part of the yard, the child played on it with no problems.

This is a slowed down version of the above file, because it goes quick!

This was caught on the DVR camera set up in the youngest child's bedroom, where most of the activity was noted. There was a blanket over the window and there was no light in the room.
A photo grab from the video clip of the light ball on the door. It didn't move into the door, just appeared and than disappeared, as you could see from the video clip.

This was heard in the oldest child's bedroom.

This was also captured in the oldest child's bedroom. When we played it for the homeowner, they said that it was the same voice they had heard 16 years before coming out of the baby monitor. A guardian spirit perhaps?

This is a photo that the homeowner took inside the shed. Can you see what the owner saw?
This is a slightly lightened version of the above photo.
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