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Granite City YMCA
Granite City, Illinois
     Built in 1924, this building was used to provide a home to the immigrants who came to the city to work, as well as a place to stay for the indigent of the area. A bed, shower, and a hot meal, as well as a place to relax and enjoy the company of others. Rooms upstairs were used for bedrooms, as well as rooms to teach English and other skills to the people who lived there.
     Containing 3 floors and a basement, the YMCA continued to serve the needs of the city and county. As well as having a pool and work-out area, the building hosted dances in the gym area. And REO Speedwagon played there when they were an up and coming group.
     A building so rich in history can also be loaded with sorrow, and this is true of the old YMCA. This has been the scene of a drowning, several suicides, natural deaths, and a murder on the front steps just 3 years ago. Having closed in 2004, the building had set empty for several years, until it recently became the home of After Dark Paranormal. They have worked to fix up the building, breathing new life into a location which was home to many people over the years. 
     It was to this location that Il-Mo Entity Trackers ventured in June, to investigate the reports of hauntings in the building. Do the spirits remain of those which died such violent deaths here? Or could they be the spirits of those which found this place to be a haven from the cold and hunger of being on the streets? Or could it just be residual energy left behind by those which walked the halls so many years ago? We hoped to be able to find out some answers, and maybe see if we could contact these spirits, to learn their stories, and to see what they feel about what is now happening to this historic building in Granite City.
     Come join us as we tell you of our experience in this building, and see if you hear what we did! Let us know what you think of our experiences. And we hope to be able to return to the YMCA soon for more interactions with the unknown.
The YMCA in times past.
The building as it is today. This is the right side of the building compared to the previous photo.
Dave talks to Denny during the walk-through.
The pool, located in the basement. This is the location where a young girl was reported to have drowned.
The women's sauna, otherwise known as "The Love Shack."
Beth investigates on the third floor.
Teri investigates in the superintendent's office, located in the basement. 
We were looking forward to seeing if the storm had any affect on obtaining recordings. This is what happened when we mentioned it during the investigation. This was on the 2nd floor.
In the basement, near where the weights were set up
A cool picture of Beth and Sharon, shot under full spectrum light.
Also captured in the basement. Could someone been calling
out to a member of our team?
We enjoy using all of our equipment. During a spirit box session,
the following clip was captured.
Who says spirits can't have a sense of humor?
I wonder if Rod Sterling is around somewhere?
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