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Granite Bank Gallery
Quincy, Illinois
     Every town has them, those buildings which could tell their own tale. The places that have always been, and seem to withstand the test of time. Where dreams were born, and often died, and few are around to still relate the stories. Or are they? Could the souls of the departed remain behind, ready to speak to anyone who will listen?
     Il-Mo Entity Trackers was privileged to be the host for the maiden investigation at the Granite Bank Gallery, in Quincy, Illinois. The owner has long had the feeling that someone remains from yesteryear, watching the comings and goings of the daily business. Today, it is the location of an art gallery, featuring some of the area's upcoming artists. But in the past, the building has been the site of multiple businesses, most notably a bank. Remnants of the past remains, including the safes, which held money and property, and possibly still hold other things not readily seen. 
     We hosted a group of persons interested in the paranormal. Some were acquainted with the building, and some had never stepped inside before. Some wanted to be a part of an investigation, and some were curious about the paranormal. Some who were believers, and some who were skeptics.  How did it all turn out? And what did we find, if anything? Come join us now as we recount our night spent at the Granite Bank Gallery, and see if you now believe.
Teri introduced the team, and gave the game plan for the night to our guests.
One of the safe doors, still visible
today. They say that there is one
safe door that they find open, even when they have closed it.
One of our guests learns how to use the dowsing rods, and enjoys the response she gets from them.
Kaye, with her guest Bill, who joined us for the evening. The guests enjoyed hearing Kaye talk about stories surrounding the paranormal. Thanks for coming Kaye, and we hope to see you soon!
Some of our guests for
the night.
More of our guests.
Beth checks her equipment.
One of the groups investigate in the basement area.
One team discusses something that happened during the investigation.
Team investigates a section of the basement. People have reported feeling a dog in this location. At the end is a tunnel section, which has been closed off.
"Witching Hour"
By: Midnight Syndicate
From the CD: "Monsters Of Legend" 2013
Used with permission of Midnight Syndicate
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