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On this page we will present those things that we found that night that we just couldn't explain. We hope you take the chance to let us know what you think about our results.
Audio Files:
All three of these were captured in the main area of the building.
Captured on the third floor. The team was trying to determine who might still be walking the halls of the building.
Captured in the basement. No children were in the building during the pre-investigation or the actual investigation.
Video Files:
Several of the people that night had never seen the dowsing rods being used. This is one good example of the fun that was that night.
Both of these were captured in the "frame shop" located in the basement
These were captured in the main area. Kinda makes you wonder, doesn't it?
Also captured in the main area.
Both of these were captured in the basement. Only 1 man with this team, and video shows that he did not talk or move when the last recording was captured.
Early in the night, one team member had some very strange feelings around the electrical box. We figured this was the cause, until we did this with the K-2 meter.
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