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Goldenrod Showboat
Kampsville, Illinois
     There was a time when the rivers were afloat with many different vessels, transporting supplies as well as people, from one location to another. The paddle wheel was a popular, and usual site up and down the Mighty Mississippi. Many of these boats were converted to floating restaurants, once travel by water had slowed. And sometimes, these great boats were left to rot along the banks of the waters which they once gracefully traveled up and down. Such is the story of this once magnificent showboat.
     Built in 1909 at a cost of $75,000, this boat featured an auditorium which was 160 feet long and had a seating capacity of 1400. Known as the last showboat to work along the Mississippi River, the Goldenrod was moored in the St. Louis Riverfront in 1937. By 1950, the boat had fallen on hard times, was partially sunken in the mud, and had been salvaged. And she was left to sit here and rot. 
     After a fire in 1962 which almost destroyed the auditorium, she was bought by some business and restored at a cost of $300,000. And in 1965 she opened her doors once again, being a place to eat and enjoy the sounds of laughter from the many people who visited her. In 1967, she was deemed a historical landmark. In 1989, the town of St. Charles purchased the riverboat, moved to her present location, and opened her doors yet another time. For 12 more years, she welcomed visitors and watched the waters flow along.
     When the boat ran aground, with the falling of the river waters, she was again closed down. When no offers for purchase could be found, the boat was given to John Schwartz, and he created the Historic Riverboat Preservation Association in 2008. It currently resides along the bank of the river in Kampsville. Plans are to move this majestic part of history back to St. Louis, and to hopefully restore her once again, so that her beauty can shine for many more years to come.
     But there are reports that not all guests have left the boat.  Many have reported seeing shadow people in various locations on the showboat. Full bodied apparitions have been seen, as well as voices of people who are not there, or are they? Many have reported seeing a girl in a red dress. Could this be the daughter of a former worker, who was brutally murdered and tossed in the river? And does the Captain still walk around, making sure that all is well before setting sail. 
     With all this history, we just had to make the drive to this location, to see the beauty of what once was a grand lady. Would we be lucky enough to capture any evidence? We joined team members from Riverbend Paranormal for this adventure. Please stay with us as we show evidence we obtained this night, as well as displaying some photos of this wonderful part of Midwest history.
Plaque which shows the designation of being a registered
historical landmark.
We arrived a bit early, and managed to look around some before
the rest arrived. And we took our first selfie!
Teri and Sharon, along with Erin and Bobbi from Riverbend.
 One of the light fixtures in the auditorium.
The light fixture in the grand room outside the auditorium.
The kitchen looks like someone could just start cooking again.
The way down to the dock.
The way up onto the boat. 
Teri and Sharon investigate the stage area. Shadow figures
were noted in this area, as well a feeling of not being alone.
Erin and Bobbi climb up the makeshift ladder, to walk
around the top of the boat. We stayed behind, just in case.
Upstairs, near the captain's quarters. Several team members
saw a black shadow go along this wall.
We did have a visitor during the night. He came in from the
area of the captain's quarters. 
 Spirit Box:
In the balcony area
 In the buffet area, outside of the auditorium
In the buffet area. Even though we were using the spirit box,
the responses we hear are not from this box.
In the theater area
In the kitchen area
In the kitchen area
  We sat the Mel Meter on the buffet table.
  During the EVP session, we noticed that we
  were obtaining a reading of 20, and stayed 
  steady for many minutes. There is no electricity
  in this area, and previous readings on this
  Mel Meter were negative, as well as the K2
  meter being with no light changes.         
                                                                                   So we were surprised that at one stretch of
                                                                                   time, the recorder that was sitting on the buffet
                                                                                   (but not directly beside the Mel Meter) had this.
                                                                                   We are not sure what caused this, but we 
                                                                                   wonder if it was the same thing that caused
                                                                                   the reading to stay at 20 for so long.
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