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Golden, Illinois
    It is a sleepy little town of 600 people, many who work in neighboring towns. Golden's "claim to fame" is the Prairie Mills Windmill, built in 1873 by Henry Emminga. The town itself saw its first settlers in the 1840's, many were Germans who had crossed the seas looking for a new life. When the first of two railroads started laying tracks in the 1850's, the town became known as "Keokuk Junction." The land for the town was first plotted in 1866 and incorporated in 1867. The town eventually became known as Golden. Driving around, one can see old brick buildings which have seen many uses over the years. Some of the houses were part of the original structures built in this area. It was to one of these that Il-Mo Entity Trackers was drawn, at the request of Ashley and her concerns for her children.
     Ashley and her husband purchased the house several years ago. The living room, parent's bedroom, and girls' bedroom are part of the original structure from the 1800's while the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and laundry room were added in the 1900's. They heard no reports of activity from the previous owners, and moved in, ready to raise their family in this safe little community. Activity seemed to happen with the remodeling of the house, which is a common source. The reports are many, and have been reported by members of the home as well as visitors. The sense of being watched, both inside and out; seeing shadows, particularly a man in a top hat; light bulbs burning out as soon as they were placed; the young girl being afraid of a dog trying to get her, and of not being able to sleep because a child wanted to play. And especially a toy that would go off in the middle of the night, while everyone was asleep. The children were afraid, and the parents concerned. Would we be able to help alleviate their fears and provide answers to their questions? We hoped so, because no one should be afraid in their own home.
     So we ventured to the house, rich in history, and set up our cameras and recorders. And even we were impressed with what we heard and the tales we learned during the investigation. Please join us now as we recount our investigation and see what we learned. And please let us know what you think of our evidence. We are always open to questions!
Note: in review, the team felt that the spirits which reside in this house are family members, and are looking after the family. All names we heard that night on the Ovilus and through the Spirit Box were names that had meaning to the family.  Ashley reported that she was feeling better in the house. We will continue to stay in touch, and will do a follow-up investigation if the need arises and at the request of the homeowners.
Ashley talks to Dennis about some of the activity in the house. This includes shadows from this bedroom to the bedroom to the left.
We set up two cameras in the living room, one pointed towards
each bedroom doorway.
Ashley and Teri in the living room, listening to the voices which
were coming through the Ovilus.
This toy seemed to cause a lot of problems for the homeowners.
It requires a bit of force to get it to go off, not a gentle shake.
You will hear some recordings about this toy below.
Spirit Box:
The spirit box and Ovilus was very talkative during the night.
The following clips seemed to be directed towards the family.
In the living room.
 Talking about her husband John.
And the box seemed to be answering questions almost before
they were asked. Both of these names made sense to Ashley.
In the parents' room.

 In the parents' room.
Ashley talking about the toy, beginning of the investigation.
The team talking about the toy.
Ashley talks about the toy later in the investigation.
Ashley's friend talks about the toy.
Captured in the the living room. No animals were in the
house during the investigation.
These both seem to be the same voice.
In the living room.

In the living room, during set-up. No children were present
during the investigation.

These clips seem to reflect how the spirits feel about
living in this house.
In the living room. Seems they were ready for some fun.
During the investigation, this name came up. Obviously we
didn't know what it meant. We were so very surprised at the
rest of the conversation. 
Meline is a variant of Amelia and Melinda. It means
industrious, striving, work, sweet. We will be interested
to see the baby is, in fact, a girl.
    We try to stay in touch with our clients, and are always available for questions and any follow-up which might be necessary. One of the guest investigators that night was pregnant, and during an Ovilus session, a name was mentioned. This did shake-up the guest investigator, as the name meant a lot to her, and to be honest, nothing to our team.
With the mother's permission, we would like to introduce Savina Jo-Meline
Born January 19, 2013 weighing 6 pounds 8 ounces, and 18 1/2 inches long. Isn't she adorable!!
We know the clip is above, but we are going to present it here again.
Just goes to show, you never know what you will find during an investigation!
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