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Ghost Tour 2012

Prairie View Rest Home

     We were honored and thrilled to be asked, once again, to host an event for some friends of ours. We hosted this event last year, and everyone had a great time. So when they asked us to repeat the event this year, we jumped at the chance. To introduce people to our world, and at a location we love to investigate, what could be better? But for us, this experience was bittersweet. The county has decided to cease allowing groups in to investigate this historic building. We understand it is time consuming to unlock the doors, to make sure that everything gets locked back up, and to hope that no one gets hurt during the time. But we will miss walking those halls which hold so many memories of an earlier time. Of suffering and joy. Of sorrow and smiles. Of death and life. And we hoped that the children would come out and play, to say good-bye, and yeah we even hoped that they would follow us home. We are going to miss this gentle giant and all the souls who still call this location home. We hope to see you again some day.
     We once again had 16 guests, and did our best to show them a good time. Several persons had personal experiences. The sound of footsteps being heard in the laundry room and the mental image of a maintenance man.  The night was a cold one, and the investigation was short. But the memories we have from that night are large and will last for many years to come. Even though our evidence is small, please review our night there and the next time you drive by the building, please salute her and her occupants. And say a little prayer that all inside will one day find their way home.

Our guest during the investigation climb the stairs to the second story
We didn't have any EVPS from our recorders, but our Ovilus did
have some good results.
Last year, he was very popular with the spirits
Maybe they do know him again this year
Michelle sits with one of our guests, listening to what is not spoken
This team member often has her name spoken
We think someone was really enjoying our guests
This clip has a bad word, so if you are offended, please 
do not listen to this one. We can't tell the spirits what
to say during our sessions.
In the pink room, second floor, where you can frequently find activity
To the spirits that call this building home, we thank you for all your interactions through the years. For allowing us to become part of your extended friends. For all the wonderful memories that you have given us. We hope that you will not be lonely, and that something will allow these investigations to continue. But until that time, be safe, and know that we are thinking of you. And we hope that you find the reason you have remained behind all of these years.

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