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Ghost Tour-Prairie View
     Sometimes you find you are present a chance that you just really can not turn down. Especially when it involves doing what you really enjoy doing at a place you really enjoy being. This is what happened in October 2011 for our team members. One received a call asking if they could present a tour of the stately building we know and love. So we thought for, oh, about half a second, and said Yes! What was to be a gathering of about 6 turned into a group of 16, and one of the most active nights we have ever seen in this grand old lady. The activity was as much a surprise to us as to our guests! K-2 hits, the Ovilus calling out names of people present, jackets and hair being tugged. It all joined together to make this a tour to remember.
     Come join us now as we relive this night spent with some fun-loving people and some equally fun-loving spirits. And maybe next time, you can join in on the fun.

The group gathers in the entryway before the tour begins.


Walking around the halls. The night was cool but spirits,
both of the living and non-living were high.

During setup, in the kitchen

Checking for K-2 responses.

Getting some K-2 responses while lying
on the bed.


During setup, in the butterfly room


Wayne lies down on the bed frame. Did someone not like him doing this? Check out the follow two videos, captured while Wayne was near the bed.


Since this was in the women's ward, maybe she didn't
like him on her bed?


 During setup, in the ward upstairs

During setup, in the butterfly room

All of the above were captured before the group arrived for the tour.
No one was present in the building except for Teri and Sharon.

In the basement

Recorder being carried

Captured in the basement

Captured in the basement

Captured in the butterfly room

 During the night, we captured a sound we didn't understand.  The first clip is the sound. The video explains the sound and what happened.

Ovilus Response

K-2 Response

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