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Ovilus Responses: 

In the Butterfly Room


                                     In the Butterfly Room



 In the Pink Room

In the Pink Room



In the Blue Room

It seems something was trying to get our attention, but we do not know what.


Ovilus Responses:

 In  the Blue Room
In the Blue Room
In the small Pink Room
In the Pink Ward
In the small Pink Ward

Several members of the group had been smelling perfume during the tour. No member of the group was
wearing perfume that night.

This was in the Blue Room. We think someone wanted
to play with Paul.


We always find it interesting to see how this one will be answered.

This was the K-2 response in the Blue Room.

It seemed to know it was someone's birthday.
Wonder if the age was correct?

One of the girls had her hair pulled so much, she put her hood up.

Teri often has her name called in this place. Guess they must
recognize her from her many visits.


We wish to thank all of our tour guests. We hope you had as much fun as we did, and we hope to be able to do this again sometime very soon.

And thanks to the residents of Prairie View for
putting on a very commanding performance this night.

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