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Ghost Hollow Road
Quincy, Illinois
     Have you ever wondered about those places that people have talked about for years, but you are not sure if it is true or just a story told by campfires to scare the unknowing person? If so, you have probably ventured out on South 24th Street. Along this road, you will find Ghost Hollow Road. This setting is a twisted, dark, tree-lined road that wraps around until it finally comes to the bottom of a hill. Many stories have been told about this area, but how many are true? And if you ventured out that way, what have you found?
     One of the most famous stories surrounding Ghost Hollow Road is the mysterious cemetery that no one talks about. This cemetery is said to be surrounded by a rock wall with a large black tomb in the center, one Latin word inscribed on it. Several people that we know, including one member of our team, has been there, but says there is no great wall or black stone. So does the wall materialize at times, or is it just another story told to scare away kids?
     Then there is the story of a young couple traveling down the road in a horse and buggy. They say that some kids jumped out from under the bridge, scaring the horse, which caused the couple to be tossed into the creek below, to their deaths. But has anyone ever been able to verify that this incident did in fact occur?
     There is the story about the house that is set off of the road. They say that if you approach the house in the moonlight, it will disappear. Maybe it just doesn't like visitors?                                                                                                                  
And of course, there is the lady in white. This lady has been reportedly seen by many different people, including one member of our team who has seen this lady not once, but twice. On both occasions, there were two people in the car. She glided by the vehicle, glanced at the car, and kept on moving. When they looked back, she was gone. Could she have been looking for a lost love?
We have never seen any photos that anyone has actually captured any evidence along this road. But that doesn't mean that the stories are not true. So maybe, if you are brave enough, some night take a drive out there and see what you might see. The lady in white wandering along the road, maybe hear screams from the couple who went into the creek, or tears as the residents of the cemetery cry for a lost life. 
Note: The house at the end of the road with the grotto is not the disappearing house, and because of its close proximity to the road, has been the scene of much vandalism over the years, and because of this, they have closed the grotto to the
public. Please be respectful when you venture this way and do not trespass, do not disturb anything, and take only photos and tales that you can repeat over the years.
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