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Ghost Adventures Crew
        Say the names Zak, Aaron, and Nick, and everyone in the field of paranormal investigations will recognize the Ghost Adventures Crew. Formed in 2004, this team is known to be "locked down" from dusk to dawn in some of the most haunted locations around the world. Their show, shown on the Travel Channel, has started their seventh season in 2012, and they remain a fan favorite. But ghosts were not always a part of their lives. Zak admits to not believing in ghosts until he had a "face to face" encounter with one. He once worked as a DJ in Nevada. Aaron was not a believer in ghosts. He studied film at UNLV, where he met Nick, who was also studying film at UNLV. Nick was the only one with a past experience with the paranormal. When Zak acted as the DJ at Nick's wedding, the two became friends. When Zak talked about wanting to film a documentary, Nick introduced him to Aaron, and the trio was born. And they continue to travel around, filming their encounters and, with the help of their friend Billy Tolley, they report their findings to the viewers.
     Members of our team had the pleasure to meet the members of Ghost Adventures Crew. We found them to be very nice and enjoyed spending some time with them. And we hope to be able to catch up with them at an event some time in the near future. Until then, we will be watching them on Friday nights, listening to their audio and reviewing their video captures. And hoping to some day be able to visit some of the places that they have investigated.

      Team member Teri with Aaron, Zak, and Billy Tolley


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