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Friday The 13th
    The words that often strike fear into the hearts of many....the 13th of the month falling on a Friday. Many people have a fear that bad things will happen to them, and that they should not leave their homes on this day. But what is behind all of this fear, and is it a real phobia?
     The fear of Friday the 13th is a real fear and is known as paraskavedekatriaphobia...say that three times real fast! The basis surrounds the number 13, which has long been considered unlucky. Many buildings don't have a 13th floor (but doesn't that make the 14th floor the 13th?) Many streets skip the 13th street, many apartments won't have an apartment 13, many airports won't have a gate 13, and some hospitals avoid having a room 13.
     Friday the 13th has become to be associated with may superstitions as well.  Having 13 guests for dinner will signal the death of 1 person before the end of the year. If you cut your hair on this date, someone in your family will die. If you start a trip on this date, misfortune will find you. And if you throw in other superstitions like a black cat crossing your path, well, you just might find yourself scurrying for the indoors! Unless, of course, you are a paranormal investigator, and than you want nothing more that to get out on these "superstitious" days, and see if you can entice the spirits to come out and play. Unless, of course, they are afraid of the date as well?
     This year, our team headed out to a location in Iowa, just to drive around, see the historical buildings, dream of future investigations (gotta have a dream, after all) and of course, visit a cemetery or two. So sit back and relax, and follow us on our trip out of the house and to a very historic, old town, and see if any of the superstitions of this date happened to us!
We found this section of the cemetery that was devoted to
children. This car rests beside on stone, and there were other
toys scattered around, as well as balloons. So sad to think
of the young dying so early. But nice to see their resting
places being made special for all.
We found this house in the National Cemetery.
Mausoleums are often used as a family burial location. Inside, placed behind concrete, are the loving remains of different family
members. But we wondered....why the windows?
The cornerstone of the old Estes House. This was the site
of the Army Hospital, and was erected to the memory
of the soldiers  who died in the hospital and are buried
in the national cemetery.
Have you ever driven by a building and wondered what might
still be residing inside? That is what it was like when we drove
by this historical old building. Constructed in 1880, this building
has seen many owners. Could some of them have decided
to remain here, to watch over this grand ole lady? Maybe
someday we will be able to find out. But for now, we keep 
dreaming and watching.
Sometimes the mausoleums are buried inside the hill.
In the photo, team member Teri is sitting outside the
mausoleum, doing an EVP session. The hope was to have
someone respond to her questions.  Do the spirits ever
get lonely, and do they like have visitors? 
Some things we just don't have an answer to. 
At least, not yet.
If this was somewhere else, you could almost feel like you could
step up and knock on the door. Hmmm, wonder what would
have happened had we done that? Well, we didn't know, but
we did try to speak through the door. No one responded.
Nothing is more beautiful than the construction of the
churches from long ago. This one drew our attention, and we
are not sure exactly why. Maybe someone wanted us to see it.
Can you imagine what might still reside inside?
We don't know anything about this house. But we
were attracted to the multiple windows and obvious late century
feel of it. Wonder how many people have called this location
home, and did any decide to stay behind?
Tombstone, all in a row. Many from the 1800's. All resting in a
peaceful location. The rolling hills call out to sit and relax.
And it also calls us to think about those that have departed.
Do they also roam these hills?
Randy, walking taking pictures. Wonder if anything came out
in them? Just the memories of those departed. We wish them
a restful sleep, and that they have found peace.
During one of the EVP sessions, Teri noted that there
were a lot of gnats flying around. 
This is NOT paranormal, but we thought it was very
funny. We hope you enjoy it as well.
Friday the 13th, for us, was a time to get out with our team,
to visit and enjoy some time together.
We did do mini sessions, but mostly, we enjoyed our time
of visiting, relishing history, and looking at locations that
really pulled at us. 
Next Friday the 13th, take a walk around your local district.
Let your imagination run free. Imagine the souls from the 
past moving around, enjoying the day as well.
And we hope you will pet that next black cat that crosses
your path!
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