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Farrar Schoolhouse
Farrar, Iowa
    1919 showed the donation of 6 acres, dedicated to merge the counties one-room schoolhouses, and the Washington Consolidated School District was formed. The cornerstone was set in 1921, with the Farrar School was dedicated in April 1922. Not everyone in the community was happy over the $100,000 price tag, with its boiler, heating, electric lights and indoor plumbing. The large 17,000 sq ft school over looks Farrar township, population not so many. The people started to leave the area and on May 3, 2002, the 80 year old school closed its doors for good.
    There are no recorded deaths in the building, but there is a 150 year old cemetery across the street, where the gentleman that donated the land, many teachers and students are buried. The building sat empty until 2006, when Jim & Nancy bought it. Shortly after their purchase they realized they were not alone. Reports of shadow figures, voices, slamming doors, physically being touched by an unknown entity.
     Il-Mo Entity Trackers was excited to be able to investigate this interesting location. When we arrived we met Nancy and received a tour of the building, showing us where she saw the little boy at 11 am in the morning. Then it was time to unpack and get ready for our 12 hour investigation! We were asked not to go over to the cemetery, because the neighbors have relatives buried there.
     We have to say we have never been on an investigation where so much equipment had so many malfunctions. Multi IR lights would not work, the dvr was unable to set up, cameras failed, as did the Jos sb7. Even though it seemed to be a rather quiet evening, there was something going on with our electronics.
     But the electronic problems were not the only thing we experienced. We also heard footsteps in the halls, the feeling of being followed and watched in the gym, and in the morning Jo and Natalie were in the girls bathroom and the shower turned on and off several times! The most shocking was seeing a dark shadow coming out of the boiler room into the grid light. When Shane went over to check it out, he saw a shadow of a man going back into the boiler room. Unfortunately, the IR was not bright enough to see the figure.
     I think all of us would agree on a return trip to Farrar School!
To learn more about Farrar, or to schedule your own investigation, click this link:   Farrar School 
The Farrar School
photo from the Haunting At Farrar website
Another shot of our team.
The auditorium.
Parked in front of Farrar School.
2nd floor hallway.
The front steps.
The kitchen area.
The gym area.
The library.
Looking down towards the front door.
Front view of Farrar school.
Looking out the principal's office on the third floor.
Steps leading up to the principal's office.
Mrs. Madison's room. The mf1 and the sb11
are both going off at the same time.
Spirit Box response, in the gym area
Also in the gym; we apologize for the language
In the principal's office, third floor
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