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The Exorcist House


      One of the scariest movies of all time has to be The Exorcist. Written by William Friedkin and released in 1973, this movie gave a whole new meaning to split-pea soup. And created a horror classic for all time. The possibility that a child's body was possessed by demons, and the exorcism that was required to set her free, well it made adults afraid of the dark. But is it true? Did this happen? The answer is yes, but not to a girl, it happened to a boy in the 1940's. 
     The trees are old, the flowers add a color to the landscape, and the street is quiet. Just the type of place to raise a family and enjoy life. But it was not always like that at this house. This is where he was living when the priests came to him, and tried to discover what was living inside of him. Did the Devil really possess this young man? Is it possible that the remnants of that possession are still inside this house. Would it be possible to capture evidence of demonic activity inside these walls? 
     Paranormal Task Force held an limited event at this home, and two of our team members was lucky enough to be able to attend. Paranormal Task Force is a well-known team in the Paranormal world, having been involved in the filming of The Haunted Boy, produced by The Booth Brothers. We wish to thank them for granting us entry into a location few have ever entered, and even fewer have investigated. Please join us as we recount our experience in what could be known as the scariest house in America.


Greg Myers, member of PTF, relates some of the occurances which happened in 1949.

George Williams, member of PTF
using his senses during the
investigation in the living room.

Michael Pederson, member of PTF, feeling a sensation around his head. There was an EMF pump in the closet that he was not aware of, and this could be the source of the sensation.
Teri with Greg, member of PTF
Teri uses the video camera with IR lights to film in the basement.
Teri and Sharon listen as Sandy Oates, member of PTF discusses the agenda for the night.

Teri and Chris Koetters, a member of PTF, discuss the investigation while Teri works with her Ovilus, in the living room.

Sharon with Greg, member of PTF
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