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 These were both captured in the second bedroom, upstairs

These were all captured in the basement
                      Right after break, listen just after the footsteps of a team member
                             One member of PTF had read the rites of exorcism in Latin
    These last three were all captured in the boy's bedroom, second floor

Listen for what both Sharon and Michael heard
       We wish to thank PTF for an amazing event, and we look forward to working with you again real soon!   

Spirit Box

These were in the boy's bedroom, upstairs
Ovilus Responses

Nick is the person who lives in the house now.
Talking about making noise
Sometimes it is just funny to be in an investigation. Check out these clips
The point was to have an entity tell a person in another room a word
Ron was sitting at the bottom of the steps in the basement 
The team was in the basement. Mike was getting a strange sensation, and PTF decided to check it out. Thanks for the laughs guys!
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