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If you want to experience the paranormal, it only takes a pair of ears, a set of hands, a pair of eyes, and an open mind. You can experience the paranormal in the cemetery, in the open field, in an abandoned building, or even in your own house. It takes listening, hearing, seeing, sensing, and feeling. And using these senses, you can experience some incredible things. And these experiences will either make you feel validated, relieved, or scared depending on the way you believe.

But if you want to "prove" to others that the paranormal exists, it takes more than just your five senses. It takes having equipment which will capture the sounds, images, and electrical fields which indicate that the entities are present with you. In our quest for the paranormal, our goal is not to convince anyone of anything. We only plan to present what we have captured, and allow our readers to make their own minds. And the following are the different types of equipment we use. Some capture voice and audio. Some capture movement and video, and some capture the images which make up our investigations. Please travel down this page as we show you what we use during an investigation, so we might present the best evidence possible to our clients.
This is a start to our page, and we will be adding more as we are able and as we purchase it!   
"The Shadow Detector"
One of the newest selections in our variety of equipment.
8 Channel DVR System. The cameras record in daylight or at night using the infrared lights. You can monitor in real-time or playback at a later date.
Mini-DVR camera. This will record in either photo mode or infrared mode, and will record in motion sensitive or automatic modes.
The"Mel Meter"
Combines EMF readings at the same time as it detects temperature readings. 
"Motion Detectors"
Set to alarm when they
detect motion. And they
are remote controlled
so you can deactivate
if you will be moving
around, to stop false
positive results.
The "Ghost Box" or "Spirit Box"
Used to attempt to communicate with entities, using AM radio frequency. The box scans at approximately 1 second intervals, and you listen for words, names, or phrases in answer to your questions.
"Vibration Alarm"
Alerts to the presence
of motion or vibrations.

Digital voice recorders capture sound. Useful for recording voice ranges outside of our ears. Spirits are said to often speak in a range that our ears can not detect.
Video cameras with infrared capabilities allows you to record in darkness and still be able to see the area. Adding extra IR lights, such as those above, increases the light and the distance.
Infrared digital camera. Has the ability to capture pictures using infrared light.
"The Trac Cam"
Often used for hunting, this piece of equipment 
will shoot either still
photos or video, and operates in IR mode.
Digital cameras help to document the investigation, as well as being used to capture photographs of the location and interesting aspects of the surrounding area.
Infrared Thermometer, used to detect the
 temperature of the
 surrounding area.
Walkie-Talkies are necessary to be able to talk to another team, for confirmation of their location, to notify of an accident, or to relay important information over a distance instead of shouting.
Hand grip to apply to the bottom of a video camera. Allows more flexibility and less contamination with the audio.

Flashlights, because everyone needs some help seeing in the dark.
Different IR lights. Used with a night-vision camera, these lights allow you to record in darkness, and still be able to see something when you view the recordings.
The K-2 Meter. Used to detect electrical charge in the environment. The lights change in relation to how close or strong the electrical current is. Is said to be able to determine the presence of spirits.
Brackets for holding the IR lights, extending  the reach and area that the built-in IR light can illuminate.
"Forgotten Alcoves"
By: Midnight Syndicate
From the CD: "Monsters Of Legend" 2013
Used With Permission Of: Midnight Syndicate


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