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James Eldred House
Eldred, Illinois
     Every investigation is an exciting experience for Il-Mo Entity Trackers. Be it the first time we have investigated the location, or the tenth, each investigation brings a new perspective of the location, and often some very interesting results. And even if we achieve no results, we still relish the experience of being in the location, as well as the time spent among friends.
     Our greatest times are often during the investigations of historic locations. Learning the history of the place, how it ties into the past, and how it has sometimes been brought forward into this century, causing an interesting blend of old and new, and sometimes lending a romantic air to the investigation. Remembering those who lived, loved, and sometimes died in the homes. Thinking of the number of feet which have touched the grounds. The number of dreams dreamed, sometimes realized and sometimes lost. The joy felt and the tears cried. And often if you listen really closely, you can hear the house talking all about what was in the past, and maybe also speaking things no one else knows.
     Such was our visit to Eldred, Illinois in the spring. Mr. Ward Eldred purchased land in 1821, and a structure was erected. The Eldred House was in 1861 by his son, James J. Eldred. The Greek Revival style house was the host to a flourishing social life in the 1860's and 1870's. But all was not joyful. 3 daughters all died in the house. Times were hard, and sometimes the finances did not hold up, and several times Mr. Eldred found his money short and the needs long. As time went along, Mr. Eldred sold off some acres, and in 1883 had some acres seized, apparently to satisfy a debt. Mr. Eldred sold the house and remains land in 1901, but were able to remain in the house until Mr. Eldred's death in 1911. The Illinois Valley Cultural Heritage Association took over the house in 1995, and is currently working on restoring the property.
     During the time the house was constructed, there were noted to be 5 stone masons living on the property. The property raised cattle, and cheese was made in the basement. The collapsed west wing had housed the bath house, the ice house, the carriage house, and the slaves quarters. The house is rumored to have been a part of the Underground Railroad. 
     Over the years, many strange occurrences have been noted. When there was digging in the corner of the front lawn, the remains of a Native American was unearthed. The bones were reburied in the back. Reports of seeing an Native American walking along the fence and tree lines has been reported. It has been reported that rocks have been thrown at visitors, especially from the kitchen area. Phantom footsteps, knocking, conversations between people who can't be seen, equipment being turned on and off on its own, shadows and apparitions have been noted, and some have been touched by unseen forces.
     Il-Mo Entity Trackers was fortunate to be invited to investigate this location by Riverbend Paranormal. We always have a great time when we join with Riverbend, and this investigation was no different. We had fun during the investigation, and was able to experience many of the reports of activity. We heard audible giggling, saw a shadow figure in the treeline, heard a loud metal banging downstairs when the group was upstairs, and several members of the group had rocks thrown at them. And than there was the strange blue light that was noted to be floating on the second floor! To say it was an exciting night would be an understatement!
     So please take a few minutes to view our pictures from this night. More will be added as the review continues.
To learn more about the Eldred House, click this link:   Eldred House 
Back row: Brian, Teri, Slyvan
Front row: Joe, Shannon, Tommy, Jayna
Shannon and Joe investigate on of the rooms inside
the house.
View from the back.
Brian, from Riverbend Paranormal.
Shannon, Sylvan, and Teri take a break on the walkway.
Sylvana stands next to a pile of deserted equipment.
Erin looks out the window onto the view.
Teri listens to the voices from the past.
Side view of the house, where the carriage house had stood.
Team takes a break on the porch.
Slyvan, Teri, and Joe pause for a picture.
Looking along the grounds.
"Stone Guardians"
By: Midnight Syndicate
From the CD: Monsters Of Legends, 2013
Used with permission of Midnight Syndicate
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