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Edinburgh Manor
Scotch Grove, Iowa
     Every team seems to have one thing that they really connect with. Most teams will do multiple types of investigations, but there still seems to be that one type of investigation that just seems to draw them in. For some, it might be investigating at private residences. For some it is the historical locations. Some lean towards the public-type of investigations. And even though our team likes doing investigations at all the previously mentioned sites, the one type of place that calls to us is the old County Homes, Almshouses, or County Poor Farms. We have previously investigated at two sites in Missouri, and are researching another location. So this investigation was one that especially touched us, as Edinburgh Manor is the location of a previous County Home. 
     The now defunct town of Edinburgh was once the location of several important buildings. In March, 1841, the first Court House in Jones County was constructed in this town.  It was also the site of the first Post Office in 1840, as well as the location of the first organized Church. When the county seat was moved, the land reverted to the county, and this area became the county farm.
   Scotch Grove was settled in 1837 with immigrants from Canada, of Scottish descent.  From 1850 to 1910, this was the location of the county farm. The records show that in 1906, the superintendent was T. A. King, and it is written that the home was "neat, tidy, comfortable, sanitary." It could accommodate 50 residents.  There are reports of more than 80 people dying during this time. The site of a fire, the current building was erected in 1911, a building of more than 12,000 square feet, and sitting on 11 acres of land. The building has been used to treat the insane, those suffering from chronic mental illness, and as a special needs home. The building closed in 2010, and now sits vacant. 
   There have been many reports of unexplained activity in this building over the last few years. Shadow people, unexplained footsteps, voices, and the angry lady who is said to reside in the purple room. Three stories of room which still contain furniture, as if waiting for the residents to return. Or have some never left? Do the past residents remain, not knowing where they will be able to go? Do some of the known dead still linger here, possibly waiting for relatives to arrive? These were some of the questions we hoped to have answers to when we made the trip to Iowa to be part of a multi-team investigation. Come along with us now as we recount our time at this piece of Jones County history.
The billiards table stands ready for a game. Do the spirits every gather around the table for another chance to "rack them up?"
Sharon looks at the scenery prior to starting the investigation
Teri stands at the entryway to Edinburgh, prior to the investigation
No visit to this location would be complete without visiting the cemetery just down the road, where many of the prominent citizens of the town now reside. And maybe some from the Manor as well?
The ceiling fan in the basement. The blades were just sagging down. Possibly from a combination of heat and dampness. There are several reports of activity in the basement area, including shadows being seen
One of the office spaces located in side the building. The cabinets sit as if ready to receive goods and care for patients again
John from MPIS, our hosts for the night at this location
Teri records video during our investigation
Bobby, one of the guest investigators who attended the Manor that night. This is the purple room, and he is about to sit in that chair. This is about to get interesting
The purple room, located on the second floor. The story is that a woman lives in this room. Keep reading to see what happened in this room
EVP Recordings:
 Captured on the first floor, west room
Upstairs bedroom
Picked up on recorder in room,
no one in the room at this time
Another team in the room at this time,
captured this on the stationary recorder
We have no idea what was making this noise
The following photo was taken while only Teri, Sharon,
and Bobby was in the room, and had been for many minutes.
The recording below tells of the events just before this photo
was taken. We offer only the recording and the picture
Ovilus Recordings:
In the Purple Room
In the basement
Both of the above were recorded in the billiards room
It seems each investigation has something that will make it
very memorable. Sometimes it is an event which
occurs, sometimes meeting someone who is attending, and sometimes it is something that is said during the course of the night.
The night we were in this location was a very windy night,
and that added to the dropping temperatures, made for some  cold
toes and noses. And for one particularly funny comment 
being made. And we were so glad to not see any of these
during the night!
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