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Edinburgh Cemetery
Scotch Grove, Iowa
     Scotch Grove, Iowa is a town rich in history, dating back to the 1830's. The original settlers traveled to this area from Canada. They had previously lived in Scotland and had traveled across the waters to find a new start. Their trek from Canada covered over 1,000 miles and was accomplished in 2-wheel carts, pulled by bullocks or cows hitched between shafts, and tied with buffalo rawhide thongs. 1838 saw the arrival of Donald and Ebenezer Sutherland. In 1840, Donald and John Livingston arrived. And in that time frame, John Sutherland traveled with his 10 sons and 2 daughters to start a new life in this midwestern town.
     As most towns do, the town grew, and than slowly dwindled as people moved to more populated locations. Maybe for jobs, or to be closer to family, or because they wanted more than what they could find in this location.  Time moved on, and for some of these early settlers, maybe their family members that remembered them had disappeared. But gone is never really forgotten.
     In 2004, efforts were made to clean up this cemetery, which holds the remains of many of Edinburgh's pioneer families. We had the pleasure of visiting this small cemetery, and to walk among the stones of those families which settled this area all those years ago. We now present a few of these strong women and men who braved a new world, full of danger, and beauty, as well as death and life. 
Donald Livingstone
     Died 1876
Nancy Ann McGillivray Livingston
Died 1841
First wife of Donald
Married 1813
John Livingston
     Died 1841
     Age 21
     Son of Ann and Donald
We do not know why the name
is spelled differently on
Donald's stone compared
to Ann and John's. 
We have no record of the 
cause of death for either
John or Ann.
Maria Hipple Foust Livingston
Unknown when died
 First married to Michael Foust
Second wife of Donald
Married to Donald 1850
Elizabeth Foust
     Died 1860
     Daughter of Maria and Michael
William Foust
  Died 1862
Son of Maria and Michael
Alexander Sutherland
Died 1846
Son of Donald and Nancy Livingston Sutherland
Jane Sutherland
     Died 1881
     Wife of Alex
Isabella Sutherland
     Died 1874
     Daughter of Alex and Jane
Elspy Sutherland
     Died 1856
Daughter of Alex and Jane
Donald and Nancy Sutherland are buried in the Scotch Grove Cemetery.
William Sutherland, died 1879
Sometimes it gets harder to figure out relationships. William could be the son of Alex and Jane Sutherland, or he could be the son of Donald and Nancy, and a brother to Alex. We have not been able to determine which of these is the correct answer. But we do know that he is one of those who first lived in this part of the country.
Honoring the pioneers of this rural community, who now rest
after their work creating homes and lives in this part of
the state. We bid you a peaceful rest.
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