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Dunkum Bed and Breakfast
Frankford, Missouri
     When the current owners purchased this historical location, they had no idea what the future would hold. And they really didn't know what the past held either. But this changed when they started to remodel, to turn this lovely home into a bed and breakfast. Pictures in the walls, voices where they could see no one, and the feelings of being watched. A photograph they could not explain heightened their interest in the building, located in the old town of Frankford, Missouri. The railroad, which was very prominent if past years no longer goes directly through the town, but the owners state they can sometimes hear the whistle blowing. Are the past owners still hear, waiting to catch a train to parts unknown? Do spirits like the new look to the old place? And are they willing to share the home? These are all questions we hoped to be able to answer when we investigated this home one night in October.
     Research shows that the house was once the home of Samuel J. Dunkum. Samuel, born in 1836, was the son of James and Sarah Dunkum, and was born in Virginia. His father was listed as a physician in the 1850 census, and as a druggist in the 1880 census. He was first married to Sarah, Samuel's mother, and than later to Louisa.  Samuel was married to Abrah Turnbull. They had one son, Jason, born aroun 1869. Samuel was appointed postmaster in March, 1886 and held this position until his death in 1888. Both he and his wife are buried in the Fairview Cemetery in Frankford, Missouri.
     Samuel is listed in the Civil War Draft registration as a part of Pike County, 4th subdivision, 9th Congressional District. His funeral was attended by many members of the Mason's, which causes us to believe that he was a member of that organization, but we have been unable to find documentation to that fact.
The photo that the homeowner took, showing shadow on the right. This room is known as the Indian Room, due to the decorating theme.
We wanted to see if it showed anything different if it was lightened. The shadow is definitely there, you can just barely see the wall hanging to the right of the fireplace.
The well outside the back door. Course we had to look! Here is Teri and Owen trying to get to the bottom and see what might be lurking there.
They found it! Yep, there are fish living in that water. Hard to see them, but it was an interesting site.
Teri films while on the sun porch. The homeowners have reported a lot of activity in this location.
Our K-2 meter and recorder, on the bed in one of the bedrooms.
Owen and Lynn joined us for this investigation.
Sharon takes a break from filming and listens to the sounds of the house.
Audio: EVP files
Captured in the Indian Room. Listen for the voices underneath the team speaking.
We had placed a stuffed rabbit in the upstairs landing, and had been trying to get the children to play with the bunny.
There were no children in the house during our investigation.
Here Teri takes a turn at the dowsing rods. Nice results we think.
Audio: Spirit Box
We try to not post a lot of responses through the spirit box, as it
is hard to validate what we get. But sometimes we just can't
get a handle on what is being said. And sometimes they are just
funny. And then there are the ones that make total sense once
you know some history of the location. 
Note: Read above regarding the history of the family and this
will make more sense.
This one we thought was just funny.
All of these were captured in what is known as
the Jungle Room, due to the decorating theme.
You can follow the S. J. Dunkum Bed And Breakfast at their Facebook location. They do host events at this beautiful home, including murder mystery dinners. More work is coming to the home, and we wish them the very best. When they get their website up and running, we will update to include that link.
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