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Crystal Grill

St. Louis, Missouri
   It is the oldest building in this section of St. Louis, and has been a mainstay of the area for more than 140 years. Built in 1869, the building which makes up the Crystal Grill has been home to many different businesses. 1904 saw the opening of The Crystal Cafe, and served the workers in the manufacturing area which surrounded her. Eugene J. Clepper restored part of the front of the store in 1945, and building became known as The Crystal Grill and Cafe.
     April and Dave Clepper, third generation owners of The Grill, closed The Grill in 2008 to begin renovations to this historic part of St. Louis history. They plan to reopen the Grill soon, maintaining her charm while boasting a modern kitchen unit. We are looking forward to dining there one day soon.
     Il-Mo Entity Trackers had the pleasure of visiting The Crystal Grill on 2 different occasions. The first investigation was an event hosted by Paranormal Task Force. We had worked with PTF in the past and was very excited to have this opportunity. We were able to meet April and learn more of the history of this building. The second investigation was a private affair for our team. We were very grateful to April for allowing us this special opportunity and hoped that we would be successful.
     Did the souls of the departed present themselves to us during our investigations? Do the spirits of the previous customers continue to return to the Grill, to maybe sit in their chairs, ready to enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee? Do the voices in the basement hold any special meaning? These and more questions we were hoping to learn the answers to during our time here. Join us and see what we heard and saw. And if you go there, be sure to leave a tip behind, in case the waitress is not of this world.
  Teri with Sandy and Greg from Paranormal                                                               The Crystal Grill, taken from across the street     
  Task Force

The basement has been the site of numerous reports of activity. Multiple voices have been heard and shadow figures have been seen. This was captured in this location.

The basement, where the above video was captured

Teri investigates in the realtor's office, where voices have been heard and people often have a sensation that they are being watched.

 There have been shadows seen on these stairs.

Sharon investigating in the basement

Teri and April investigate in the brothel area. Voices have been heard in this area as well as shadows have been seen.

     The first clip was captured in the basement. The next two clips were recorded in the brothel area when we investigated with April.


Captured in the pie room
The first was captured in the basement. The next two are the same sound but captured on two different recorders.




Captured around the buffet line
The above clips were captured in the dining room.

The above clips were captured in the brothel area.

         Captured on the stairs coming down from the brothel.           



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