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 Crystal Grill Friday The 13th Haunted Event
St. Louis, Missouri
     One of our favorite locations to investigate is the Crystal Grill in St. Louis. A mainstay of the St. Louis area for many years, it has recently become a favored location to investigate the paranormal. Reported activity ranges from door slamming to children's laughter. And this activity has been reported by multiple teams and during multiple investigations.
     Recently, Il-MO Entity Trackers had the pleasure to host a Friday The 13th investigation at this location. April has been working at bringing the Crystal back to her previous splendor, and we were pleased to be able to provide some extra funds for this means. 
     Our crowd this night ranged from a seasoned investigator to a "newbie" and we hope that everyone had a great time. We know that we did! And no one was disappointed activity that night. The Crystal never fails to entertain! So please join us as we reveal our experiences that night, and we look forward to our next visit to this historic location.
Eugene Jacob Clepper,
Builder and Founder of
The Crystal Grill.
Anthony "Tony G" Giardano
and "Shorty" Ralph Caleco.

The group attending the Haunting At The Grill, 2013, including team members Beth and Teri.
Investigating the counter area at the Grill.
Robert investigates the work area of the Grill.
Sandy returns to the Crystal for this investigation.
Robert and Phyllis join us on this night. Robert has been at the Grill several times before, but for Phyllis it was her first investigation ever! Thanks for making our event your first investigative experience.
Tanya and Mitch join us for their first adventure at the Crystal Grill.
All three of these were captured in Ray's office while the team was in the basement. Everyone heard these sounds. When the team went back up, they confirmed that the room was empty.
Captured in the Pie Room
Captured in the Dining Room 
Captured in Ray's office

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