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Crystal Grill-November Investigation
St. Louis, Missouri
     Il-Mo Entity Trackers was pleased to do a return investigation at the Crystal Grill. April, the owner of the building, has been working on the living area and has plans to start working on the grill area in the very near future. Her goal is to reopen the Crystal Grill for business, thus continuing a tradition that goes back three generations.
     Anyone familiar with the Midwest knows that you can never predict the weather. Even though it wasn't too bad outside, inside the Grill the temperature was cool! Base readings were in the upper 50's, and that leads to cool fingertips before the night gets done! But we still set up our equipment and started our investigation. From previous investigations we were hoping to get some of the same responses, as well as hoping to build on what we already knew. And the Crystal Grill did not let us down! We will say that we were impressed with her response to us that night.
     And we were very happy to have a guest investigator with us that night, who has also been to the Crystal many times. Ron joined us for part of the investigation, and he and Teri had an interesting interaction with something. But we will stop there, as we want you to experience what we captured instead of us telling you about it. So sit back and relax, and we hope that you will have a good time reviewing our investigation at one of the older buildings in downtown St. Louis. And we hope to see you again very soon!
The grill area, where many
a meal was cooked. Do the
customers remain here, waiting for that morning coffee?
The stairs leading up to the second floor, which once housed apartments and a brothel. Shadows have been seen on these steps many times.
Denny, Ron, and Teri discuss some of the past events at the Crystal Grill. Thanks Ron for joining us this night!
The purple ball lights up when touched, and it along with the slinky were used as trigger objects, as we had previously captured the sound of children's voices inside the Crystal Grill.
The arched doorway is original to the structure, and leads to where the dancing girls used to perform for the "guests."
Ron, Sharon, and Denny upstairs inside the Brothel area. Shadows have been seen in this area and many voices have been captured on audio recorder.
Teri and Ron in the Grill area, using the Mel Meter. Watch the video below to see what they captured.
All work and no play makes anyone cranky. Denny and Teri made a run to the local White Castle for some food. And Denny didn't have any trouble jumping behind this guy for a quick picture! We have more than one way to enjoy an investigation.
Inside of "Ray's office" is a safe. Denny is looking at the writing on the wall above the doorway.
Teri and Denny talk about the happenings previously in this room at the Crystal Grill.
In the candy room. No one else is in the room at this time.
In the pie room. No one is in the area at this time.
In the candy room. Again, no one in that area. We are unsure
of what this says.
The team was standing around and talking when this was
captured. Not sure what is being said but we are sure it isn't
one of us.
The team was sitting around eating those White Castle goodies when this was captured on our recorder.
At one point, Sharon went to the grill to try to entice patrons
to order. This was a response we heard on the recorder.
In Ray's office. The team was in the adjoining building at this time.

We had previously captured children. Teri was asking if the
little girl could come out and play. This was the response.
Ron was trying to encourage the entity to make the Mel Meter
go off.
Listen closely to what sounds like one of our trigger objects being played with. And it was not one of us.
At the beginning of the investigation, in the steam area.
Spirit Box:
In the steam area. A response with a re-enforcement of the
Steam area. Again, a response with a re-enforcement of the answer.
We did multiple EVP sessions during the night. In the grill area, we sat
around the serving area, where often there is activity. Ron and Teri
were on one side, and Ron had his Mel Meter out, attempting
to get the entity to come closer and cause the readings to increase.
This video is of that session. The photos were taken by Teri, and added to
the video so you can see the readings obtained. No alterations to the
video or photos otherwise have been done.
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